going to rtb 5th october

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going to rtb 5th october

Post by LynnEvans »

My husband and I are leaving the kids behind and to celebrate twenty years of marriage and for my fortieth birthday, are going to the rex Turtle Beach. We never had a honeymoon so this is to be it and we are both very excited. We happened upon this destination by chance as we really didn't know where to go but having told the tour operator we wanted quiet beaches and beautiful warm blue sea where we could snorkel. He offered us Either Grand Courland (for very little more money)or RTB. I chose RTB because of a dream my husband had over a year ago when he told me he had dreamt we were on holiday at a place called Turtle Beach :?: (SPOOKY AS NEITHER OF US HAD HEARD OF IT!!) we are really looking forward to it and I have been looking at this site since we booked. I am a little worried about Franco's comments, my expectations are not 5 star at all but could someone who has been to RTB recently just reassure me that although simple, the hotel, especially the rooms are clean and the beach and sea is also reasonably clean.
We are planning to go to Sunday School to celebrate my bithday and our anniversary, hopefully with some local people and any comments on this idea would be appreciated after Franco's comments. also can anyone recommend best snorkelling sites, Is there any entertainment in the evenings at the hotel? and finally how much and when should we tip people?
It may not be much money to a lot of people but having spent £1500 for a weeks holiday (a fortune to us) it's really important that we get it right
Oh and one more thing (just to push my luck a bit further -my husband always said I can't shut up!!), where should we ask for a room with the
most beautiful views of the sea and beach, Am I right in thinking the far end of the hotel on the first of second floor? Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me to answer these questions.

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Steve Wooler
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Post by Steve Wooler »

Hi Lynn

Welcome aboard!

I can answer a few of your questions:

1) Franco was obviously totally unsuited to a holiday in Tobago and would have been happier in Florida - where he was originally going, if memory serves me correctly. If you are sure that laid-back chill-out Tobago is what you're looking for, then you can safely ignore all Franco's comments.

2) I have no reason to believe that the rooms at the Rex Turtle Beach are not clean. We shall be staying there ourselves next January, to do a myTobago review. Believe you me, we wouldn't be doing that if we thought the place didn't deserve it. The same comments apply to the beach.

3) Sunday School is a great event and you shouldn't miss it. However, common sense is the name of the game. Like any crowded event, anywhere in the world, there are probably pickpockets and other toe-rags around. Do not wear expensive or noticeable jewellery or watch. Leave your camera at the hotel. Don't carry more than a few dollars (there's nothing to buy there other than drinks and snacks).

4) Arnos Vale beach is generally reckoned to be one of the best snorkelling bays.

5) I believe the RTB provides regular evening entertainment, like all the other major hotels.

6) Only you can decide how much to tip. The average wages for general hotel staff are around £7 per day. Please, please do not adopt the American habit of tipping all the time - or, worse still, tipping before you receive service. Discretly pass your tip when saying goodbye at the end of your stay.

7) Room position is entirely a matter of personal preference, but there has been lots of comment on this in this forum, so your best bet is to read back through previous posts.

Hope all this helps.
Steve Wooler
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Post by LynnEvans »

Hi Steve
Thanks for your response and really helpfull advice. I am so excited about going that I have butterflies whenever I think about it. :D Never been long haul before but we love Fuerteventura becasue it is so quiet and has loads of natural beauty so Tobago really does sound like our dream destination.

Joe King

Post by Joe King »

Hi Lynn,

I know you asked for responses from people who had been to RTB, I haven't, but I passed by it a couple of times!!

If you search for all Marc Jones's posts you will get a lot of info about RTB. Marc was there during the summer and had a ball as far as I know!!
With reference to Franco's post, that is his opinion, and I mean no offence when I say that his opinion was definitely not the norm about Tobago. As you can see from the response.

Before we went we saw a 'not-so-good' report about our hotel, and there was also the huge but short-lived crime wave which hit the island, and it got me a bit worried about the island in general. As has been said many many times, Tobago is not a hugely developed resort like Barbados or the Canaries, but it is a beautiful, friendly, sunny place. If you are going to relax and spend some quality time with your other half away from the hustle and bustle of Western Civilisation then you are going to the right place.

As far as Sunday School goes on your anniversary, I don't know... It wouldn't be my idea of a romantic night out. It is something you must do while on the island, time permitting, but I think you could find something a lot more fitting for the occasion! I think you should try to contact Harris MacDonald, he is the head lifeguard on Store Bay, and try to organise a sunset cruise, or a sunset BBQ for just the 2 of you.

That is obviously just my opinion though!!

You will have a great time, rest assured!!


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Jill M
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Oh, so Sad!
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Post by Jill M »


We stayed at RTB for our 20th wedding anniversary in April & it was my friend's 40th birthday while we were there !

The RTB is generally clean, the beaches and sea are also clean. The rooms you mentioned are definately the best for the view of the sea and evening sunset.

Sunday school is a must, but just take heed of the warnings above. Don't think it's bad though, I felt safer there than in my local town on a Sunday evening !

We spent our anniversary on Frankies Rum Punch Beach Party - it brought myself & my husband to tears - it was just so perfect on No Man's Land with the clear blue sea, fantastic music and having a great time. Both of us said that when we got married 20 years ago, we would never have imagined that we would spend our 20th anniversary in Paradise.

I'm glad that you have mentioned Fuerta Ventura as I am trying to persuade my husband to go at Christmas - only because we cannot get flights to Tobago !


Marc Jones

Post by Marc Jones »


you will love it.

I made a real pain of myself before going as, like you, my partner and I had never been anywhere as expensive or exotic (and my 8 year old had never been anywhere apart from the likes of Brighton and Clacton!).

The Rex was perfect for us. We didn't want total "hotel" experience where everything is laid on and within a "complex". The Rex is very much (IMO) like Tobago. Nothing flash, just miles away (in real terms and spiritual terms). My family spent the last few days distraught we had to come home and all spoke about moving there one day - it was that good.

I'm also getting away for my 20th anniversary and leaving the nipper at my mum's. There was however no way on God's earth that I'd manage to go to Tobago without my newly qualified snorkelling buddy. So it's 3 days in Amsterdam for us!

That said, I daily scan here still and if at all possible I would jump at a return to Tobago and the Rex.

Here's a few pics of the place (and other beaches etc):

The third one honestly is a view from our room, which was right at the end of the block on the ground floor).


Post by LynnEvans »

Wow what can I say, I asked for reassurance and boy did I get it, trouble is I feel like a kid in a sweetie shop now and don't want to wait another two weeks (I made a mistake about the date we go :oops: , Jeff(the other half) thought it was hilarious as I am trying to wish time forward. We actually fly on the 9th but still only two weeks (only!!!)
I would sincerely like to thank you all for taking the time to respond to my questions and giving me sooooo much brilliant advice and tips. Mark, your photo's are really beautiful. and Joe,I will definately track down Harris as the sunset cruise sounds fantastic
Jill, beach party sounds great too! I am sure you will love Fuerteventura too, We go there often and if you can get to theSouth of the Island, try to get to the Beach near Costa Calma, It's the next turning left on the main road past the look out point driiving towards Jandia. It too is like a liitle paradise, although there is a small bar on the beach and toilet facilities there tend to be very few people so by walking just a couple of hundred yards, you will find yourselves alone.
Thankyou everyone :lol:
Lynn xxx

Colin Fairburn

Post by Colin Fairburn »


we've just celebrated our 20th anniversary too - seems like RTB is the place to go when youve been hitched for 20years (although our visit wasnt actually planned around the anniversary)

Lynn - we will be there when you get there - we fly out on Monday and return on 11/12th October.
if you see a bronzed adonis lying by the pool then say Hi - it wont be me but im sure whoever it is will say hi back!

If however you see a tall blonde haired bloke with a bit if a belly and a 3 year old nagging him to death then that will almost certainly be me!

Anyone else going out on Monday?


Post by Richard »

As you may have read from me before; I like the Rex.

Yes it is a little run down in places but not to the extent of being unpleasant.

The food is a tad ordinary and has got worse since our first visit especially the soup.

Drinks are OK but you may want to ask for not too much rum else ...

The far end you want is the best end, quietest and closest the beach. Some don't like the top floor saying they get too warm.

We've had 2 different rooms on the middle floor (we say first, the hotel and the yanks say second), and one on the ground. Balconies are NOT child friendly but do mean you can leave the door open more and not use the rather elderly and cranky A/C. (Now just need to get neighbours to do the same.) We left patio open even on ground floor overnight with no difficulty.

Enjoy your stay.

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