Trying to sell a holiday

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Cathy C

Trying to sell a holiday

Post by Cathy C »


This site was invaluable when I was researching where to go on holiday. Unfortunately, as my partner and I have split up two weeks before we were supposed to go to the Rex Turtle Beach for 2 weeks on 13th November, it looks like I will lose all my money on the holiday as well. I don't know if it's permitted Steve, but I was wondering if there's any way I could offer the holiday for sale on this site or if anyone had any tips for getting a refund?

It was 2 weeks all-inclusive in a superior room with Hayes and Jarvis.



Julia C.
Oh, so Sad!
Oh, so Sad!
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Post by Julia C. »

Oh that's tough - I can't offer any tips on refunds or about selling the holiday, but I just wanted to express my sympathies.

I don't know your situation, but why not go anyway? Take a friend or member of your family, get away from our dismal weather and have a nice relaxing break.

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Steve Wooler
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Hi Cathy

My sympathies too. Anyone who is interested is welcome to contact you through the Private Message facility and you can then discuss details.

Anyway, why lose the money? If the worst comes to the worst, why not simply go with a friend?
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Louise I
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myTobago Nut
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Post by Louise I »

I first went to Tobago with a girl friend and stayed at the Rex - we had a fabulous time - and lots of rum punches.

Do what Steve says and go - it will take your mind of a man!

louise :)

Steve Fifield

Post by Steve Fifield »


I'm sure that you will be overwhelmed with offers! However, there is something much more at stake here than your boyfriend (and I'm sorry to hear about that), so you really must not lose a holiday to one of the the most beautiful islands on earth as well! Pack the suitcase.

Steve 8)

Kate L

Post by Kate L »

Hi Cathy -

Go for it girl - You will get a healthy perspective and the strength to know that you do not need a fella to take you abroad to somewhere special and to meet lovely new friends. You deserve this break - now more than ever! You may be scared the night before you leave - but you will feel so good when you do it - and look so brown and happy on your return!

Take a few books, some sun cream and relax, swim and enjoy yourself.

And for those of us who find life just isn't giving them a break right now....let us know how it goes so we can live it through you!

Good luck



Post by Lesley »

Hi Cathy
I completely agree with Kate!
Go grab a friend, pack that bikini and get out there!
Bet you will have the best holiday ever.

David Watkins
Bude Cool Boy
Bude Cool Boy
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Post by David Watkins »

Hi Cathy,find friend and GO FOR IT!!!!! You won't regret it,David

Chrissie And Robert

reply for julia

Post by Chrissie And Robert »

hi julia sorry to hear aboutyour split with steve. i used to be a travel consultant and i also stayed at the rex turtle in october of this year. you asked about selling your holiday......well it isnt as easy as all that you would need written confirmation from your partner agreeing to transfer the holiday to a friend of yours and you would also incur considerable administration fees. you need to read the small print at the back of the hayes and jarvis brochure.....2wks is a very short amount of time to try and salvage the situation. sorry if its not exactly what you wanted to hear...but hope its useful advise.

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