Rex Turtle Beach October 2004

125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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Clive C

Rex Turtle Beach October 2004

Post by Clive C »

We have just returned from Tobago, our second visit. It is still a wonderful holiday paradise.
We stayed at RTB for the first ( and only! ) time.
We were on room only as we like to eat out and use hotel as a base only. We like to see the island and hired a grand vitara for that purpose. Arranged it with Thrifty through Yes Tourism both of whom provided excellent service. The car was in very good condition, clean and obviously not very old.
Arrived late on first day and decided to eat at RTB. Food very poor and overpriced. Other guests we spoke to during our stay who were on all inclusive were not very impressed. Became aware there was no fresh fruit available at any time - read into that what you will.
The staff, with the exception of the watersports boys and two of the bar staff were offish and unfriendly despite our best efforts. We became very friendly with the watersports guys who were fun and looked after us at Sunday School.
Had problems with air con which seemed to pump out hot air. Spoke to hotel but no action taken.
On the plus side, pool was excellent.
Enough of the RTB!!

Overall, we had a wonderful time and found 99% of the locals friendly and welcoming. We had been before so were aware of the pitfalls of aloe vera etc. Saw our old friend at Pigeon Point and bought two bracelets.
Visited some wonderful restaurants. Our favourite was MeShells but others of note were Bonkers, Best of Thymes, Karawak and Seahorse Inn. Cafe Coco ok but very dark and chairs very uncomfortable.
Had excellent shark and bake at Store Bay and a good lunch at the beach bar in Charlotteville.

If you want a boat trip for snorkelling at Englishmans Bay and BBQ at Paradise Bay go with 'Overload'. You can find him most nights at the pool bar in RTB.

Post by LynnEvans »

I would like to respond to your comments about RTB. My husband and I spent a fantadtic week there earlier in October and thought the people were generally lovely. The food was ususally of a reasonalbly good standard although not that adventurous. But we did have freshly prepared fruit every morning for breakfast which was cut up in fornt of you and there was a good selection including different melons, papaya, bananas etc.
The head chef was a really lovely man, very visible and only too happy to recieve comments and speacial requests.
One or two of the staff were a bit surley but most were lovely once you opened up to them.The standard of cleanliness was excellent and the view from our room was one I will never forget.
As we were so badly delayed by excel airways on our return flight, we were given the option to stay at the cocoa beach or the hilton for an extra night but chose instead to return to the Rex.
For any nature lovers out there, I would recommend a local guide called Peter Williams (or Eddie because he looks a bit like Eddie Murphy). there is nothing he does not know about the islands flora and fauna and we had a lovely day touring the Island in his jeep. (if you see him, please say Hi for me!!!!) :)

Post by Kylie »

We have just got back from Turtle Beach today. We also went room only. The food was not great (it was OK though) and it was overpriced but that is inevitable isn't it? They want you to go all inc to keep your dosh. We got great food at Black Rock for $20TT, we got doubles for breakfast for $2TT, when we needed to use the Hotel for food we toopk it on the chin and thought of the dosh we saved elswhere.

The hotel was overpriced but there was plenty of other stuff within walking distance and it was a lot better too!
Kate L

Post by Kate L »

Welcome back Kylie - I look forward to your review of your holiday and the rain. I have a question that may seem very silly - but on the web

it says :

2.00 TTD rinidad and Tobago Dollars = 0.172288 GBP
United Kingdom Pounds

So was breakfast 17p?


Post by Kylie »

Hi Kate

I must write my review - loads of pics and some serious rain. Not a hassle for us but pretty grim for some islanders - sadly at least one death.....

Yes, we got Doubles from the airport and they were $2TT each! We exchanged our money at the airport and got virtually 10 to the pound so were calling it 20 pence but you are right to say 17 pence. The doubles lady sells out of her car boot at the rear of teh Crown Point carfpark between 8 - 10/11 AM. We struggled to eat 2 each so it was well worth the drive there for a 37 pence breakfast that tasted divine!

Roti was normally about $12TT, potato pies $4TT, fried chicken $20TT, so much nicer than the hotel and a bargain to boot. We did go out for a couple of slap up meals at Dillons (Crown Point) and they were normally about $300 for a 2 course meal for 2 including a beers and water, the food there was really good, fresh tasty seafood, well cooked and well presented (very grim music tho!!). The Hotel buffet was $175TT so still a good deal.
Mhairi Mercer

Post by Mhairi Mercer »

We are due to visit the RTB in December and have read bad reports on the state of the rooms - you've been there -would love to have your thoughts

Post by Kylie »


We were in the far end of teh Hotel and I believe these rooms were a tad newer. I didn't see any of the othe rooms apart from in passing. They all looked the same but i can only comment on ours.

The room was a similar size and layout to a Travelodge although a tad bigger. There was a large wooden fitted wardrobe / storage area and loads of drawers We had two single beds which were held together by the fiited bedside table things. There were 2 armchairs and that was it. There was a large pair of French windows taking up the whole of the far wall. These opened up to reveal a small balcony. It was perfectly big enough for teh two of us, two easy chairs and a table. There was an aircon unit which was pretty noisy but also effective and a godsend!!

The bathroom was fine. Loo, small bath, shower and sink on worktop. All white and plain but no problem at all.

The room was fine, I have stayed in many places all over the world. US hotels and Euro 4 and 5 stars are better. Most places in the UK that are 3 star and less are not as good as the RTB.

The room was cleaned daily.

You will enjoy it. Get out and eat local food, enjoy the sea, the people and the country!!

Post by Richard »

Kylie wrote:Hiya

We were in the far end of teh Hotel and I believe these rooms were a tad newer. I didn't see any of the othe rooms apart from in passing. They all looked the same but i can only comment on ours.

The room was a similar size and layout to a Travelodge although a tad bigger.
The far end is the "new" block and since Rex is(was?) part of Motorlodge the similarities to a motel is not really surprising.

As for the A/C we never used it. OK so we go in Jan/Feb/Mar when humidity is lower but part of the joy of the location is to sleep with the window open and listening to the waves on the beach.
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