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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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Paul E

Guest Report

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Having just returned from Turtle beach i can say that it was a pleasure to be home.
The staff have a HUGE morale problem, they seem unhappy, surly, unfriendly and disrespectful.

Tobago itself was incredible. Wild, picturesque, unspoilt, peaceful.... other than the attention paid to my girlfriend which was quite unexpectedly aggressive.
Turtle beach however...

Room left uncleaned, although the bed was made, no clean towels despite 3 requests, tv didn't work, being laughed AT by the receptionist ( when asking if he had any further news on our already severly delayed flight), snotty maitre dit, dismissive table service, security who seemed to do absolutley nothing to deter beach vendors and hawkers.... the list goes on.
In my experience these problems are top i guess we should be asking the manager (who is not even the licencee of the premises-the previous manager still holds the licence) why the problems...

Well.. i actually asked the manager for an appointment to tell him how unhappy we were.... and he failed to show.
In truth a few of the staff were cool, friendly, funny, talkative and made the holiday fun, but they really were the minority.

As context to this report i am a 31 year old music producer, have west indian friends and colleagues and understand the culture present here. It was pretty dire at turtle beach.

You know the food was actually pretty good...the one plus.....
although we ate at the Seahorse Inn loads..... it's awesome.

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