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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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Clare Loughrey

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Post by Clare Loughrey »

I stayed at the Rex Turtle last March and i had the best time of my life.

After spending months reading reports on this website with my partner i became worried that i had made a mistake booking the holiday!

As a young couple, my partner and myself decided to treat ourselfs to a luxury holiday after months of saving and just happened to come across Tobago in a magazine. It looked like heaven, almost like a make believe place in your dreams!

We spent weeks looking for a suitable hotel and came across Rex Turtle Beach. we didnt hestitate and booked it straight away. I must say though, for many weeks after i worried as found myself reading negative reports from people about the hotel. In the end i just went with the flow and experienced it myself.

I had the best time of my life. I loved the hotel, the beach, the people,the food, the trips,the culture,the music, i just loved it all. We made some friends while staying there and are still in touch with them now. ( hello to Cherry and Mick if your reading!!)


Everyone was so nice there and we didnt have a single problem or worry while staying at the hotel.

My advise to people reading this is don't take any notice of the negative reports from people. These are the kind of people who go on luxury holidays 3-4 times a year and expect 5 star every time. This is a country where the people are so chilled out and have their own way of living. Its called culture. People who spend time writing negative reports about this hotel or country should really stick to the Hilton in New York!

In my eyes the Rex is 5 star in everything. It has won me over and am planning my second visit to experience heaven again.

So enjoy, relax and chill out!

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Jill M
Oh, so Sad!
Oh, so Sad!
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Post by Jill M »

I agree Clare. I've just booked my third visit to the Rex Turtle Beach. It IS what you make it. Glad you enjoyed it.


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