Dreadful - to be home!

125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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Caron Pople

Dreadful - to be home!

Post by Caron Pople »

Hi everyone,

We have just got back from our fantastic second stay at the Rex. I've read lots of reviews about the Rex on this site and feel the general impression is that, although the Rex is certainly not the most luxurious hotel one could stay in, it is certainly has something special. I wonder, could this be its fantastic location on what must be one of the friendliest beaches ever? Never before, having returned to a destination, have we had so many hugs and kisses. All the locals on the beach and many of the hotel staff recognised the four of us and made us feel extremely welcome. Now, after our second visit, we feel we have some real friends in Tobago and I'm sure others, who mention the locals on this site, feel the same.

If we were to mention a few names our thanks would go to Woody for organising a great island tour with Kerwin, Keith for taking us twice to Sunday School, Jackie for her expert hair braiding and massages, Mary for expert massages, Rachael for wonderful nail paintings, Afi and her daughter Jerusha, Reuben, Engine, Stumpy and everyone from the Water Sports hut – Oryan, Natalie, Scoutie (what singing), Mike and Johnny. There is also Henry, the shoemaker, Larry, the 'sun doctor!' and Jason and Frankie (who we didn't buy trips off but they still stopped to chat whenever they saw us) and many others - too many to mention by name. Our two children aged 16 and 13 spent lots of time playing cards and football and 'liming' on the beach with Leo, Marcus and Devon.

We hired a jeep for two days through Sheppy, which arrived very promptly and with no problems. Leo joined us for a morning and took us to the Highland Waterfall – fantastic experience.

The hotel now has a new manager and many improvements have been made – probably the most noticeable being the new sun beds and the increase in number of these. The food at the hotel is superb, our only complaint being our increasing waistlines! Our rooms were looked after expertly by Patsy with clean towels every day and our beds were turned down in the evenings with fresh flowers being placed on the sheets.

Hopefully we shall return to the Rex again next year. (Anyone been in July/August and if so, what was the weather like?) Our reasons for going back are because the hotel is in an excellent location on a fantastic beach with some of the friendliest and nicest people we have ever met.

If anyone is going to Rex shortly, all I can say is we are very envious!
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Jill M
Oh, so Sad!
Oh, so Sad!
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Post by Jill M »

Thanks for that Caron, we are due to go to Rex Turtle Beach for the THIRD visit in two weeks time.

You obviously have seen and felt the magic of this place that we have seen.

It's good to hear that the same people are still there and still as friendly as ever. Jason organised a fantastic beach bbq for us and some other guests and a few locals last year. I'm growing my nails so that Rachael can create another masterpiece this year.

We are flying with British Airways this year and we are allowed 2 pieces of luggage - do you reckon you could fit in one ?


Caron Pople

Post by Caron Pople »

Hi Jill,

Your spare suitcase sounds very inviting! Hope you have a wonderful time - how could you not?! We're still on the 'Tobago High' at the moment, having arrived back only last Friday - the only thing to stop the post-holiday depression kicking in would be to arrange our third trip to Tobago as soon as possible.
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