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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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Paul Holland

Guest Report

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Having read numerous conflicting reports of the RTB,we were becoming increasingly concerned with what we may find, having already booked a 2 week stay during April.

Apartments - whilst basic, were extremely comfortable & incredibly well appointed being only a few yard walk over pleasant gardens to a fantastic beach location. This was invariably uninhabited save the occasional fishermen pulling in nets & the odd resident of the RTB out for a stroll.

Restaurant - have obviously done something to breath life into the all-inclusive offer. I work within the restaurant industry & have to say that the offer was varied & of superb quality throughout the 2 week stay.

Staff - were incredibly freindly & very helpful throughout the stay. I can only assume that comments regarding 'surly' staff were as a result of the guest`s attitude. The staff seemed genuinely eager to please & take pride in their work & their island.

Only one think to watch out for is the odd aloe vera salesman. Do not encourage these guys. The rest of the people you will meet, whether selling tours, calabash or whatever are extremely polite & a pleasure to meet.Again very proud of their island.

I would not hestate to return to the Rex Turtle beach & did indeed meet a number of repeat visitors. Whilst a little old & certainly not what would be considered a 4-5star hotel in the UK, the place has a certain character & relaxed feel & level of service that fits in perfectly with the island. This must also be the best location of any hotel on the island.

Paul - UK
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