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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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P Richards

Guest Report

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On reading your review stating that staff attitudes seemed to be dependant on the teatment they received from their guests then I would have to disagree. Many staff were outstanding doing all they could to make our stay pleasant and enjoyable, however there did seem to be an undercurrent of bad feeling and unfriendly attitudes towards guests from certain members of staff. One particular chef (egg chef), a female was brilliant, chatting and joking with my daughter(9yrs) most mornings, being patient while she made her choise of eggs and reaching over to get her plate seeing as she is small. However one particular morning she had been replaced with another female who was nothing other than rude, impatient and ignorant to my daughter -with my daughter saying nothing other than "fried egg please" I wonder how that warrants the behaviour she received. Bar staff were also abrupt and unfriendly however, this may be explained by the severe understaffing of the bars and the volume of work the bar persons were doing.
The location is fantastic, the hotel is not perfect but is perfectly acceptable and comfortable, some of the staff are brilliant. The watersports staff are a credit to the hotel - always friendly, happy and singing just can't do enough for you. With just a little more of a friendly attitude from some of the other staff this holiday could have been our best ever on a truly wonderful island.
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Steve Wooler
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Hello P

I was reporting in the most general terms. You cannot expect the same good - or bad - attitude from EVERY member of staff. all the time and I'm sure one person's experiences will differ from anothers. I know what you mean about the bar staff - I nearly mentioned them as an exception, but in truth I had so little to do with them that I never really found out how typical the slight 'attitude' I experienced was. I can only say that overall staff attitude was excellent during our stay - I would put it as better than average for this grade of hotel on the island.

Anyway, thanks for your report and I'm delighted that you had such a wonderful holiday, other than for these one or two members of staff.
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Janet Blackwell

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Our first impression of the staff was not that good. The hotel receptionist was fairly curt and unhelpfull and our first stop at the pool bar was met by a grim faced bar tender.
I did mention to one of the waitresses that she had the makings of being strikingly beautiful but that her beauty did not shine through because we never saw her smile. She did smile after that!.
The thing is, you can't take any of this personally. Hotel staff are on very low incomes and to be honest I think we would all feel a bit grumpy if we were working our socks off in such hot conditions.

We did find a lot of the staff very nice and that they make a special effort for children.
Scouty (the beach hut guy) made us smile every day with his happy disposition!.
The pastry chef was very chirpy. I threatened to put her in my suitcase because her cakes were so good!.

All in all we found it to be a good atmosphere and quickly learnt to ignore the grumpy staff and move on to the nice ones
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