Weeks at the REX: great - really!

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Weeks at the REX: great - really!

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Rex Turtle Beach Hotel 2006 May 10 - 24

I have been to the Rex 5 times. This over a period of about 15 years. I even knew the Turtle Beach Hotel before they built the annex. I can't remember all of the Managers, but I know a few. I know what the people at the Rex are capable of, and I hope to go back.

The Rex is a perfect hotel for relaxers. It is on a wonderful beach with almost no waves. The beach is well kept and clean. The rooms are typical caribbean and large. They aren't the newest, or the most elegant. But what is to be expected at a hotel direct on the beach. It is constantly exposed to sea air and salt air. The rooms are kept clean and if there is a problem, the management will see that it is repaired.

The food is very good, and not at all boring. If necessary, you can spice it up even more with HOT SAUCE. I like the possibility to choose from english over international over to caribbean cuisine. Everyone should find something.

The Rex does have a few problems which could cause Repeaters to stop repeating. Repeaters are very important. These are the people who always have to explain why the always go back to the Rex Turtle Beach Hotel - even if they aren't always satisfied. This is Advertisement. And it doesn't cost a penny. Think about this, Rex. Money talks, nobody walks.

Unfortunately, not all workers at the Reception are friendly and or competent. Some just look at you and blink their eyes. Then, others give the wrong information. For instance. A friend of mine, a Tobagoan, tried to contact me. He knows my name, and what's important, he knows that when I'm on Tobago, I only stay at the Turtle Beach Hotel. He called to make plans with me and my husband. The receptionist told him they could not find my name at the hotel. And they did not know if I would be staying at the hotel. At this time, I was in the hotel for 3 days already. I finally called my friend to see why he didn't call (don't you love me anymore *cry*?). He told me what happened. I was appalled. Then my representative tried to contact me because of a day trip. I wondered why she didn't call in the morning, because it was airport-day. Afternoons she would never have the time! I asked at 1 pm , at the reception ,if there were messages for me. The guy looked down at the telephone, then at me. That's all. He just looked at me. So I repeated my question. He then said - very quietly - no. So, I ask again at 3 pm. The same old story, just that he said "no" right away. At 6:15 pm, a note was put under my door. On it was a message from 11:50 (!!!) from my rep asking me to call as soon as possible because she would be busy that afternoon and evening with outgoing and incoming guests.
We were invited to the Repeaters Manager's Rumpunch Party. The invitation said 6pm to 7pm. A funny time, we thought, but then we would be on time for dinner - good food! As we went towards the stairway, I noticed, that there were no guests upstairs, and that they weren't finished with setting up. We went upstairs anyway. The Manager was obviously embarrassed as he told us that the Guest Services Lady put the wrong time on our invitation. She hat just told him, and stood there a little misplaced . We said we would like to speak to him alone. We told him of the experiences we had. I even had the note with the message from my rep. He was very angry. But what did that help me? We told him of other experiences we had, that had to do with the reception and the restaurant. Not all was surprising to him. But even he knew, that when I'm on Tobago I only stay at the Rex. So what is the problem???

The service in the restaurant is not good. Many of the waitresses are more concerned with their looks than with taking away the plates, or getting the drinks from the bar. And at breakfast some are still sleep. Breakfast should start at 7:30 am. Sometimes we had to wait 10 minutes to be let in. And then they were still setting tables and putting food onto the buffet. One day we had a day tour and had to be ready at 8:30. We were on time for breakfast, they took 15 minutes to ask us if we wanted coffee or tea. And as we told the lady who was in charge we were in a hurry, she said we should wait, and the waitress would bring us coffee or tea. We then had 7:50. This is not good service. And unfortunately, some are just in a bad mood. And some are just standing around laughing. On holiday, I don't want to hurry, but it should be seen that good service doesn't necessarily mean super fast. But to wait 20 min just to be asked if coffee or tea is too long. And then the coffee took another 5 min. I am not exaggerating.

The interpretation by their Dress Code is also funny. By one lady my wrap-around was not okay. She wanted me to put shorts on. I did. Then I saw others in bathing-suits and wrap-arounds. Others even had wet bathing-suits on, and sat on the chairs and no one said a thing.

They also should have a look at the Security people. They would sit and stand in groups during the day and in the evening. What did that have to do with looking if someone was trying to steal something.

All of these things and more, we reported to the Manager(s). I hope they do take the consequences and correct the problems.

I even thing raising the prices would help. They can't pay good personal with these prices.

As I said, we do hope to go back to the REX. We love the hotel. For us it is the best.

The Dress Code should be put in the Brochures and Flyers though. What help is it to find out at the hotel just before dinner, that my son can't wear his capri-pants when he doesn't have any others? We didn't know about the Dress Code until we got there. Some men even wore trainer-pants because they didn't have any other long trousers. That looked really bad.

OK. As I said, I reported all of these things to the management before I wrote them here. That's important. I don't want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

And I would like to thank Esther, Curtis, Lincoln, the room-maids and the best Barkeeper ever – Vernon for a very nice holiday.

Have a nice holiday, wherever you are!

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