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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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Andrew Maiden

Guest Report

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In July 2006 we booked a holiday to Tobago as a last minute "Virgin Holidays" deal! having used the internet to research the Turtle Beach Resort we were a liitle dubious to say the least about our eventual choice of hotel, But we could only really afford to go if we took this hotel as our option on an all inclusive basis.
We went as a party of five [ mother, father, daughter and boyfriend and 10 year old son].

When we first arrived we were met with a welcome drink and allocated rooms that were basic, clean, comfortable, equipped with quiet air conditioning and had good sea views. The bathrooms were clean presentable and well stocked with towels. The character of This hotel is actually in its time warp presentation of the buildings and its services.

After the usual hour or so of un packing we ventured down to the central focus point of the lovely large pool and its pool side bar where we entered into the holiday spirit with rum cocktails from the very friendly bar staff and knew immediately we were going to have a wonderful holiday.

Over the following two weeks we received attentive service, had no problems with housekeeping,Rooms were cleaned daily and towells changed on a daily basis. We participated in many localy organised tours and enjoyed all inclusive meals morning, noon and night.

The meals were varied and most nights offered a fish, chicken, vegetarian, pork all with loads of rice, fruit and vegetable side dishes. Desserts were [according to my wife, as I don't do desserts] lovely.

On the nights we fancied a change we opted for the al a carte menu, which whilst being limited in choices delivered good well cooked food, in fact the steaks I had on two occassions were probably as good as I have had anywhere in the world, if not better.

The hotel is so lucky to be located on Turtle Beach and the staff contacted us when the Letherback Turtles came on the beach at night to lay their eggs and so were able to watch and show our son these magnificent animals coming home to lay their eggs. An experience not to be missed during the June/July Season.

Contray to some reports we read we found guests did mix and talk, infact if you think about this; its the guests who are at fault if they don't mix not the hotels, They couldn't do more to encourage guests mixing. We had good entertainment providee every night we were there.

Lunch boxes are provided if you want to go out for the day and the hotel does offer childrens menu's for the child who likes hi/her nuggets, bologneise etc. A criticism here is that the hotel don't tell you its available; but now you know!

Generaly its a great place, its certainly got more right than wrong. I suspect that the hotels previous criticisms have come from people who go to the carribean and expect everything to be done at the drop of a hat and done in a 5 star U/K or European manner; if thats the case you will be disapointed whether you go to the Hilton or Coco Beach which cost considerably more.We visited both whilst out and about in a hire car and yes they look grand and no doubt tick a few boxes on snob appeal; but the Hilton couldn't deliver us a round of standard drinks in less than 30 mins!

We have travelled extensively and have had holidays in some pretty exotic locations and top notch hotels in the past, alas through circunstances we cannot do this as often these days but this holiday compared very favourably with a carribean holiday in Jamaica a few years ago which cost us an arm and a leg!

Go, enjoy, take it at the pace we all would like in the UK, if things go wrong don't shout! ask what's happening and go with the flow.

Were going back Feb 07 all being well, why? The Tobago people are friendly enchanting people; Tobago is unspoilt, relaxing and very very captivating, you have to get out and mix with the people, be friendly show them respect and be polite and they will repay you with warmth and a welcome that is un beatable.
My family have never ever been so determined to re visit a place.
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Steve Wooler
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Hello Andrew

What a lovely report. I am so delighted; not only that you had such a lovely holiday and clearly experienced the 'magic' of Tobago, but also that you have taken the trouble to give us such a detailed and balanced report of your experiences.

I look forward to hearing from you after future trips.
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