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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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John Bryant

Guest Report

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This is a review that I posted on Tripadvisor after my stay at the Turtle Beach Hotel 19- 26 April 2007

Firstly, the kitchen.

Food was fine, good solid edible fair as to be expected from a hotel of this quality. It's not gourmet dining but a solid mixture of international and local dishes. No tummy problems.

The room

As to be expected for this type of hotel. Clean and comfortable without being particularly well furnished. The balcony looks over the bay to Plymouth. Hot water always available (can't say that for all the hotels in the caribbean). Television had one channel showing Christian religous programmes although the television room showed world cup cricket (one of two channels!). The fridge froze the beer I bought for drinking on the balcony.

The staff and service

Generally friendly and with a smile but don't expect five star service expect 2 1/2 star service.

The Location

Lovely beach but there is nothing but the hotel within a 15 - 20 minute walk. We alternated days on the beach with car hire and trips.

Good things to do.
Pigeon Point, Swim in the bays on the west coast, Walk in the rain forest, bird spotting, Argyle waterfalls

Didn't eat out much because hotel food was fine:
Jemma's Tree House in Speyside if in the north-east, Seahorse Inn in Stonehaven Bay, Curry and Roti.

To sum up the hotel is a solid medium class hotel which meets those expectations. The beach is a corker but the hotel is in a resonably isolated location.
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