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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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Russell And Alice Moore

Guest Report

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We went at the beginning of September for our wedding. Even though one of our cases had been misplaced, our wedding case, the staff especially Eva, our Kuoni rep, were very helpful and kept us up to date with their progress. Thankfully the case arrived the next night.

On our arrival we were met by Esther, who was also our wedding planner and co-ordinator who greeted us with a strong rum punch. After the long flight it was gratefully welcomed.

The resort itself was as we expected. Yes the rooms are not 5 star quality but they were adequate. The only thing that we were unhappy with was the fact that the fridges were not stocked regularly. The A/C was good although it was loud, but after a few days you get used to it and don't even think about it.

As the big day approached we kept on asking Esther lots of questions but all she would say "don't worry, its all in hand". Even though we were getting stressed the day went brilliantly without a hitch, as Esther had said it would. Its definitely a day to remember and the photographer we got was brilliant, he stayed with us for over two hours and we got a load of excellent quality shots, along with a video of the wedding.

The rest of the two weeks we stayed could not have been better. We took various trips, the 'Costal Trip' with Frankie was probably the best, swimming with Manta rays and snorkelling in the best sea I have seen was amazing.

We went AI and the first week the food was very good, however it did drop in quality the second week slightly. The staff there from the cleaners to the Manager were friendly, some more than others, Leslie, Esther, and Natalie to name but a few.

The pool and beach area were was just what we wanted, and the sunsets were definitely a sight to see. There are a few stray dogs about, the children even named one 'Spike'. All were very friendly and were grateful for any tit bits of food.

There are a few Tour guides along the beach next to the pool but they are all polite and friendly. The one we dealt with was called Frankie (we even invited him to our wedding and reception he was that friendly, good and helpful to us). Yes he has the 'gift of the gab' but that is what you expect. They are only making a living at the end of the day.

We are already looking to book for next year and I can recommend this to everyone.
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