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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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Mark Wood

Guest Report

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My wife and I arrived in Tobago in late October of 2007, this being our first trip to the Carribean. I researched the hotel and Island before we booked, so had a good idea what to expect.
The room and whole hotel were very tired and not particularly clean. The bath had no plug in it, and the shower over the bath was invariably cold, unless you showered at off peak times. It always took about three quarters of an hour for the bath to drain after each shower, so my wife stood in my dirty shower water. The air conditioning was effective, but so noisy we had to turn it off at night. Our balcony doors did not lock so we asked reception to mend them. They merely jammed one side so that it was permanently locked. The other side, when opened, dropped the locking mechaism onto the floor. We left it unlocked after this.
The water sport section of the hotel, along the beach, was very well run, and helpful.
The sellers along the beach were all pleasant, and after a firm NO, would often just stop to chat before moving on.
Meals were all fine, with a good self service selection. At breakfast time however, birds descended on the dining room, and flew over the heads of the diners. We spotted several actually pecking the food off the serving ladels !!! This seemed to raise few eyebrows with the staff.
Bar staff were rather surly, as were some of the waitresses. I walked up to the pool bar one evening, and the bar lady turned her back on me and dissapeared into the main building, came back three minutes later, shuffled some papers, then served me.
Evening entertainment was good for several nights, then we had an awful karaoke couple that were cringe makingly bad.
The setting was beautiful, we relaxed and had a good time, but DESPITE the hotel.

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