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Guest Report

Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 9:59 pm
by Donna Baylis
We have returned from our third visit to Turtle Beach. I would say from the beginning that this hotel will certainly not suit everybody. We love the friendliness of the staff, the swimming pool is excellent for the children and the location is fantastic. The main reason for us staying here the first time was to be close at hand to see the turtles. The hotel was only half full initially but very soon became completely full, the service was a little slower, as you would expect, when this happened but we were on holiday and never found this a problem. In our experience people seem to either love this hotel and return time after time or dislike it. The rooms are a little tired but are always kept very clean . This year there were some filipino staff who were eager to please but who also seemed to get along very well with the local staff. Whilst I understand that an all inclusive hotel is not everybodys choice it suits us to have the option to eat at the hotel for a reasonable price if we want to. The food was excellent with lots of local food and only one or two options during our two week stay which catered for the more 'fussy eater'. We tend to eat out quite a lot to try different places and to make sure we spend money with the locals.
During our stay this time we experienced several turtles on the beach at night time as you would expect but also two turtles came up to lay during the day. This was an amazing sight, two at once and fortunately monitored by the 'Turtle Patrol'.
To summarise I would recommend Turtle beach if you go with an open mind and a desire to explore the island and other places to eat. We will definitely be returning.