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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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John Mitchell

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For those of you who expect North American service beware! Since we had been to Tobago before we knew what to expect.
Let me tell you what we really liked first though.
The facility is greaT.....nice pool ...good selection of food for the all-inclusive....great beach and an all round nice resort....rooms ok for the most part.

now for the caution

....Staff is not overly helpful and if you ask too much of them they do start to get annoid with you. This is totally unfamiliar to someone who has spent any time travelling in North America or other parts of the Caribbean like the D.R. We did find the nicest employees to be the non-locals least they know what people expect when they serve you or make you a drink.

I was curious why people did not not sit near the beach side of the pool....figured it out after the first day when we were constantly bugged by the Beach peddlers (not all) .It is a public area on the beach and a couple of them like to hang over the pool side from the beach....not good! Rude in fact. So ask the bartender to make you his favourite drink( you wont be disappointed) and avoid too much contact with the peddlers and your stay will be more enjoyable.

We also found driving in Tobago is pretty safe and easy(lots of winding up and down...Fun...and it is a great way to get around ... talk to Lin who will meet you at the rental Kiosk at the airport..... nice lady and reasonable rates. You can drive much of Tobago in a day and there is a lot of amazing beaches and waterfalls to visit.

Oh yes .....service ....on our first trip we pre-ordered dinner ...not at turtle Bay....for 7 pm and ate at 9:30...
soooo remember you are on Trinidad Time and relax beacause it is a fantastic place to visit ...and we can't wait to go back.....

I hope you don"t think we are being harsh about the locals but please remember to relax when dealing with staff and your stay will be be more enjoyable.... Have a great trip

And Yes we would return to Turtle Beach

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