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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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Rita Wilcox

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After booking, I read some very negative comments on various review webpages, but this was not our experience.
We(party of 4 adults 45-55) enjoyed our stay. The staff were without exception, pleasant and co-operative/helpful. The hotel was as you would expect for this star rating, in fact above in some aspects, i.e.the pool/beach.
Whilst we were there, the hotel was slowly (and subsequently unobtrusively) being refurbished. There were new bathroom suites being delivered, and the dining room had new furniture during our stay.
The rooms were large and well furnished, with comfortable beds/pillows.
The entertainment was varied, not "west-end" but not bad either.
Not sure what was available for children, (clubs etc) so this could have been an issue for families perhaps.
The food, was great, wonderful cooked brekkies if you wanted, cereal/fruit muffins etc if not.
We stayed all-inc, for first time, no ice-creams/snacks that i could see, outside of meal times, although drinks were served, so again maybe an issue for some families, but not us.
Tobago itself is a mixture. We visited Scarborough, (capital, but not as we know it JIm!)nothing to recommend it, and would n't bother again.
Well worth hiring a car for a day(or two)to explore the beautiful beaches, and central rainforest area. The trip to Argylle Falls is good, wear trainers or flats, it can get muddy and you do a bit of clambering over rocks, but worth it, your guide points out wild-life, we saw a humming bird amongst other things.
Pigeon point is spectacular, and the boat trips are interesting. Taxi's to and from the hotel are reasonable if you dont want to drive.
Would strongly recommend going A/I as Tobago is n't a holiday where there are wide choices of restuarants on your doorstep. We did eat out for one lunch, and found it expensive and very basic, so think carefully when booking. The hotel do European and local dishes, (goat curry was good there)and if you work out what you would spend on food and drink in Europe the A/I is good value.
The only supermarket, that resembles anything like your local one is Penny..something or other, in the pigeon point area. There is an ATM there too.
Tobago is very chilled and laid back, not much to do outside of beaches, and I probably would have been bored with two weeks. A typical caribbean island.
We were fortunate to see a leather-back turtle laying her eggs, also of interest was watching the local fishermen pull their catch in from the beach, it was fascinating, go and watch, you will prob be helping as it's impossible not to, there's a sense of ancient history, no machinery, just men pulling together for the greater good.
I would recommend Turtle Beach Hotel, and Tobago, but only if you want a relaxing holiday, if you want bright lights/loud music/nightclubs etc, stick to Aya Napa! Tobago won't be for you.
PS watch out for the rum punch, particularly when you just arrive, dont know if it was having just flown for hours, but boy were they lethal! Picture an alcoholic slush puppie, and you've got it! Beware the Pina Colada's! Wonderful concoctions, but definately make your clothes shrink!

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