Back to Tobago after 8 years

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Matt Tindall

Back to Tobago after 8 years

Post by Matt Tindall » Mon Apr 19, 2004 2:49 pm

Just thought I'd post this prior to our stay at the Blue Haven in early May. My previous 2 trips to Tobago were 8 and 10 years ago, both at the Tropikist when I was a bit poorer! Both stays were fantastic (especially as I won the first one!) although the Tropikist seems to have fallen out of favour over the years. Pigeon Point too which is sad. My reason for this post is that I've just read a review on which really lays into Blue Haven. I'm hoping the authors were ultra-picky and that the favourable views expressed in this forum mirror the actual experience. Anyway, I'm flying Virgin so no stop over delays, I won't be renting my car from the bloke who hung around outside the Tropikist (it broke down after less than a mile!) and am currently praying the rain holds off. I'll post more on how things have or haven't changed since I first visited Tobago 10 years ago on our return.

Matt and Emma

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Steve Wooler
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Post by Steve Wooler » Mon Apr 19, 2004 3:56 pm

Hi Matt

Thanks for your input.

The difference between this forum and other review sites is simple. This is a moderated and controlled forum. The registration process, where we insist upon real names and validate all email addresses, is very intentional. It minimises the number of malicious grudge posts and makes reviews a lot more balanced. It’s simply physiology, I guess. Some people are happy to rant and rave when they’re hiding behind an assumed name or alias, but a little more circumspect when it’s under their own name.

NO establishment, no matter how good, is going to be “right” for everyone. Every establishment will have its detractors. Nine times out of ten it’s probably because the dissatisfied person failed to do their research and patronised the wrong type of place for their taste and preferences. Or, their expectations were different for whatever reason. All you can really do is wade through balanced forums like this and try to identify the common trends and consensus about different places - and hope that you don’t end up more confused than when you started.
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