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Mr & Mrs Wheatley

Guest Report

Post by Mr & Mrs Wheatley » Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:29 pm

Wonderful location, lovely people, hotel fantastic, but...

Alison and my self got married at the Hotel through Thompsons 'signatures'. Thompsons (UK) said we could not get married on the beach which is what we wanted. Beulah John the Deputy Manager of Blue Haven sorted everything and we did just that, got married on the beach, Judith (Thompsons rep) and Beulah our witnesses. It was perfect.

During our stay we used taxi's, who will drop you off at one of those secluded beaches and pick you up later to take you to a local favourite restaurant and return home. A bit pricey but for a day and a driver expect to pay 250TT dollars, the local knowlege is well worth it.

While there we were lucky to take in some trips, fresh water Caymen's, birds of paradise, humming bird sanctuary, land crabs, leaf cutter ants, dived over the Japanese garden....well so much more...thanks Judith for organising these for us...

The hotel was delightful and all the staff were really lovely and a special mention to David who kept the private beach clean and looked after us with fresh coconut. I think there are two things which deserve attention. Firstly the restaurant does not do the hotel any favours. The breakfasts are provided with local foods and this is cool, however the evening meals are not so and I would recommend eating out in the evenings, there are plenty of other and good options avalable nearby. I am not sure why this situation is not resolved as there are enough comments over time to warrant the hotel senior management to do something...may be its a family, cultural thing, not too sure.

The second issue was in relation to the wedding photographer the hotel commissioned, Clement Williams. Unfortunately he did not clean his camera lens properly and the photos came out with blemishes all over them. The pixel resolution he used was of poor quality, this is not something which could be corrected. I emailed Clement about the issue in April 2010 and he said he would check, I guess he still is....

On the whole we would certainly go back again, may be renew our vows there in a few years. Tobago is a special place and if you go, go there sooner than later, stay at the Blue Haven and despite the issues, we loved it.

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