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Studio Cabana in the grounds of the Crown Point Beach Hotel
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Victor Rogers

Guest Report

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We had been to Tobago on four occasions, each time booking a Cabana with Crown Point Beach Hotel. Since it was coming up to our 25th wedding anniversary we decided that it would be a great treat to revisit the Island of Tobago.

So we went about booking a Cabana. Over the past trips we had got to know several of the regular visitors to the Cabanas, and had made friends, they were there for several weeks at a time, so we had asked if they had booked with the Hotel or an independent owner. We obtained the contact and booked the Cabana with Ms Debbie Schneider.
The confirmation follows

"Good day Victor, confirming you on your reservation from the 3rd-13th February. 2015 Tobago cabana 409.As agreed 90 Sterling per night.Victor you can pay randy my property manager the full sum when you have arrived.Would be rather nice if you can give him Sterling.Hope to see you soon .I am now in Germany and would be returning in November 12th. Regards Debbie Schneider Regards to the Queen for me".

Great stuff we were really looking forward to our stay.

On the 29 January I asked for contacts for car hire. No answer.
I phoned her before departing no reply. Arrived in Tobago after the long flight (9hours) Walked to the Hotel (just across the road) Registered with the front desk, and went with our key to the Cabana, not the right key. Apparently when talking to one of the other Cabana guests our booked Cabana 409 had been occupied on a block booking for the last couple of months. We were horrified to have been lied to.

When we went back to the front desk with the key they said, that Ms Schneider had booked us into another room, Not at a Cabana.

My wife was really upset and I lost my sense of humor.

No explanation or apology.

My advice if your holidays are sacrosanct, book with the Hotel.

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