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Guest Report

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:25 pm
by Jeff/andra
When we arrived, there were dead flies in various rooms and soap scum in the MB bathroom. The toilet had stains in the bowl. We called the owner and she sent over the 'cleaner'. During the first night we noticed that the dishes had dust that had accumulated on top of old grease where we had to wash everything and then use boiling hot water especially in the mugs and glasses. The exterior of the fridge was speckled with rust marks! The 2nd bedroom sheets were not changed as we could smell the disgusting odor of the previous tenant. The pillows and bedding reeked of BO! Then we noticed mosquitos the first night and then more coming in the second night.
We called the Owner the 2nd night to let her know that we could no stay any longer as the mosquitos were finding their way into the townhouse. Her suggestion was to light the citronella candles (& most of them were empty)! We found that the slats in the kitchen door had holes and also in the MB. My husband had to buy saran wrap and tape to try and tape the doors/openings. I wish I could attach the pics we took!
The Owner suggested getting another cleaner but I told her that the property needed some deep, deep cleaning, seal off the door louvres and the fridge was an eyesore.
There is also a field of goats right behind the property so I'm not sure what other insects/bugs are around!
I wanted a place that was clean and didn't have mosquitos/bugs! Very disappointed and wouldn't recommend to any of my family or friends! Sorry!!