it was great

38 room 3* beachside hotel in Batteaux Bay at Speyside (listing)
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it was great

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Last two weeks we visited Tobago and stayed at Blue Waters Inn. You are right that it is a beautiful hotel. Friendly people and not so much tourist as in the south of the island. It was a good advise to bring a flash light for the walk to Speyside during the evenings. Good dinner at Jemma's. Try the lobster!
Also a trip with Newton George was amazing. All those birds you see. We did a tour with a local guide of the village, Marvin. He showed us the island and learned to eat roti. You should try! Thanks for the good advise for this hotel.
:D [/list]
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Kevin Hampson
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Hi San,
Glad you enjoyed it, The lobster is something else isn't it.

My Spy at the dive shop told me it's been raining a bit over the past few weeks and the vis has been a bit poor so I hope that didn't spoil your snorkeling.

Mark Farrington
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We've just returned from a week there, too. This site was really helpful, and the picture painted was very accurate. We had a simply wonderful time.

On the plus side, most of the staff were friendly and helpful, some extremely so [including Duane]. The bar was great and there the food and drink prices were better than I'd expected; the omlettes and frittatas were EXCELLENT; the rooms were bright and well-equipped and spotless and the airconditioning worked well; the beach was often deserted, and never crowded, and we could always get a chair; the hotel's position is just magical.

A few minor negatives: a few of the staff were a bit reserved [I know some people have been put off by this, but they do warm once they get to know you - it's just that they're still largely unused to international tourism on the island]; it would be good to have flyscreens on the room windows so you could open them at night and have the fan on and not bother with the aircon; the restaurant needs a makeover and the food there varies from dull to [occasionally] poor. Some people were really bothered by sandfly bites, with legs that looked like a war zone, but we hardly got any [we have lived in the tropics so know the deal - we used a DEET-containing repellant applied twice a day] However, although the mozzie machines provided by the hotel were effective, they did irritate my eyes quite badly, so maybe it would be worth taking your own 'bricks' of milder insecticide. There were a number of power cuts on our last 2 days, but this was apparently due to the commissioning of some new mains electrical supply equipment, which [it is claimed] will cure the power supply problems of the past. I wouldn't bet too much on it personally! The water was cloudy for the first 50 yards or so, but beyond that it was mostly perfectly clear, and the reef was wonderful and within easy reach without a boat for anyone who's a confident swimmer.

So, overall this is probably the best holiday we've ever had, and it was significantly aided by this friendly and picturesque hotel [which is only occasionally a bit charmingly chaotic!]; I'll post some other comments in the appropriate forum sections.
Regards, Mark
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