Blue Waters - Fantastic

38 room 3* beachside hotel in Batteaux Bay at Speyside (listing)
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Blue Waters - Fantastic

Post by Chrisc »

Hi again!

Well, for the second week of our holiday, we chose Blue Waters. Partly because of it's location, partly because of the reports we read on here, and partly because of the close proximity to a large number of dive sites. I'm so glad we did :)

We loved it here, the bay on which the hotel is situated is fantastic, and as others have said, the protection it receives from Goat island and Little Tobago mean the water is quite calm, and therefore good for snorkelling. The rooms are fine for the amount of time you spend in them, with air conditioning and decent bed. We had one of the cheaper rooms, and I didn't get a look in the more expensive ones, but everyone I spoke to was very happy with theirs. For the price, we thought it very good value.

All of the staff were great, very friendly, but at the same time, it felt as if they were still being 'themselves', and not under instructions as to how they should behave, what they should say to guests, etc. The atmosphere in the hotel is also really good, with a healthy mix of tourists and locals in the bar, again, very refreshing. The atmosphere was probably also that way because of the interesting mix of guests who were there, young and old, divers, birdwatchers, and so on...everyone was quite chatty, which was also good. Met some very nice people.

Table Tennis table, in a room, with air conditioning! Big thumbs up :D

The restaurant and bar both have food on offer, both were good. Great Flying Fish sandwiches in the bar, good food in the restaurant with some great local flavours. Also, if you're into wine, it's a good idea to check the special offers laid out at the entrance to the restaurant :wink:

What can I say - we thoroughly enjoyed it, wish we'd stayed longer, and would go back any time.

Duane and team - keep up the great work!

V Fabry

so glad to hear this

Post by V Fabry »

Great to have your review of the blue waters inn where we will be staying next month (and really looking forward to it). Just some questions :
How were the nasty's (mossies and noseeums) and what product did you use against it? Did you buy it in the Netherlands? (where we live)
Did you order TT dolllars or did you trust the possibility of the cash machines (far away from Speyside)?
I also would like to hear al snorkeling experiences in the Batteaux , Speyside, Man-o-war and Pirates Bay into the smallest details, because that is the main reason to go to Tobago fot us, and I'm couting down. :D


Post by Chrisc »

Hi there

There were some mossies, but I had my own personal mosquito repellent, which was my girlfriend - they always go for her and not me :roll: . Seriously though, we took some spray from Boots in the UK, seemed to work reasonably well. The hotel also has the electric tablet machines in the rooms. I'd say any good repellent would help though.

We took cash out of a machine in Scarborough, and didn't order any before we went. I'm not sure if there are any further up the island. If you're eating / drinking in the hotel, you can charge everything to your room and pay with credit card at the end.

Snorkelling from the hotel was pretty good at the right hand side of the beach - currents are strong at the north end, and there's a warning sign to say so. The hotel can tell you the best place to go. Also, Frankie's tour company operates from the beach at the hotel, and with them they can take you further out on a glass bottom boat to Little Tobago, etc. There's some very good snorkelling there, with some of the largest brain orals in the world visible to snorkellers, and there's also a 'drift' snorkely you can do in the current, where the boat will drop you in at one point, and pick you up further along - some Americans we were with did it, and they thought it was great. The different corals are all really nice, and there's the usual array of reef fish. Keep a look out for turtles too - I even saw one on the surface just after I finished a dive.

We also snorkelled in Englishman's bay, which was good, although the visibility wasn't so great due to the fact it had rained the day before.


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