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Annabelle Oconnell

Satisfaction Poll

Post by Annabelle Oconnell »

Am feeling stupid for asking this, but when I go into the satisfaction polls i can't see how to vote!!?? Is there a button there to click that I am missing? Am i blind? :roll:
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Steve Wooler
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Hi Annabelle

First of all, you must be logged in to be able to vote in any satisfaction poll. However, as you were able to post a message, I assume you must be.

If you only see the results, it means that you have already voted in that poll - or someone logging in under your username/password has done so.

If you haven't voted, the poll will automatically be presented as a series of seven radio buttons inviting you to make your choice before selecting the 'Submit Vote' button. To see the results, you have to press the 'View Results' link beneath the submit button.

The easiest way to see what I mean is to move to the SATISFACTION POLL thread of a property you haven't visited.

Hope this solves the dilemma.
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