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38 room 3* beachside hotel in Batteaux Bay at Speyside (listing)
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J Newton

BWI and room only

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Hi, am considering staying at Blue waters but wondered if it is worth going "room only" there? There a few reviews which mention self catering at BWI - most reviewers went half board. What is the local food shopping like? I fancied making our own arrangements for breakfast and lunch, then checking out all the local places (BWI included) for dinners. But I've heard that it is almost imperative to shop at the PennySavers in Canaan first before heading north. As I've never visited Speyside, or Tobago for that matter, what are the things I simply can't buy in Speyside (and how far from the BWI to Speyside village?

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Steve Wooler
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Hi J

The BWI have a number of "self-catering efficiencies" (what an awful name). However, as you have correctly identified, you will only get very limited supplies in the village - such as the most basic staples; rice, bread, margarine (not butter or other 'fresh' dairy products), long-life milk, local vegetables, etc. The nearest shop is probably a mile and a half away - maybe a 15 minute walk. Yes, you will have to do your main shopping at PennySavers, the best part of an hour's drive away.
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Duane Kenny

Food in Speyside

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Good morning all. Food in Speyside. There are shops in Speyside where you can now pick up dairy, and such but they are small shops. Charlottesville has a bigger grocery (bigger being relative) but you can get all the basics there. The main grocery's are on the SW of the island about an hour away.
Another option is that we pick up supplies on Tuesday's and Friday's. If you were to give us a grocery list of items that you needed, we could easily buy them for you, and give you the grocery bill. You could then refund us the cost.
If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me either through the forum or directly at
On another note. We had a big Manta in the bay about 2 weeks ago. It was great seeing one as it's been a while. Keep smiling

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