Silly Little Things I'd like to know before coming to BWI

38 room 3* beachside hotel in Batteaux Bay at Speyside (listing)
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Nancy Lyter

Silly Little Things I'd like to know before coming to BWI

Post by Nancy Lyter »

I am so happy to find this site! I hope I am not repeating previous questions, but I did try to find answers in the forum myself before posting.

In the self-catering efficiencies, are there coffee makers? If so, what type filters fit? Are there microwaves? Should we stop on the way from the airport to buy groceries, or take a taxi back after arriving? (I was especially wondering about immediate needs like bottled water, etc.) Do any of you take your own snacks/food? What time does the hotel restaurant start serving breakfast?

We are planning to stay 6 nights and dive 5 days, with birding, exploring in our spare time. Would you advise renting a vehicle at the airport, or just taking taxis a few days? We do enjoy some walking excursions. Can meals/drinks/gift shop expenses etc. be charged to your room and paid for by credit card? Do local eateries like the Speyside Inn and Jemmas only accept cash? Are US dollars widely accepted?

When you venture out on birding trails or go to Little Tobago, should you wear long pants and long sleeves, or just shorts and lots of insect repellent? When diving with Aquamarine, is it possible to do 3 dives per day, or is that frowned upon?

Thanks for any help in my preparations for our April 2007 trip (planning is half the fun for me). I reserve the right to ask more silly questions later.... :oops:

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Steve Wooler
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Hello Nancy

Welcome aboard! :lol:

My, what a lot of questions. I'm just leaving for the day, but will try to answer the easiest.

It's four years since I last stayed at the Blue Waters - although we shall be back there in a couple of months. The apartments have been revamped since I was there, so my information is probably out of date. I would strongly recommend writing to the hotel and asking questions about the equipment provided to make sure it is right and up to date.

Yes, you should have a major stock-up on your way from the airport, or you will have to return down the island. You will get very little in Speyside itself - only the basics. I think breakfast normally starts about 7am, but again, ask the hotel to make sure.

To get the best out of Tobago, its best to have a rental car/4x4. Yes, most/all charges at the hotel can be charged to your room. The better known local eateries do take cards. US dollars are excepted everywhere.

Personally, I always advise long trousers/pants when going into any areas of dense vegetation - with plenty of repellent.

Aquamarine had introduced a 3-dive schedule a year or two back, but I recently heard that they had gone back to their 2-dive schedule. Again, best to check with them direct.

Hope this all helps.
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