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38 room 3* beachside hotel in Batteaux Bay at Speyside (listing)
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Steve Blalock

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I have spent the last year reading comments about Blue Waters Inn...and wondering if I made a mistake in choosing this property for my vacation with my fiancee. It seemed people either hate this place....or they love it....not a lot in between. I can understand some of the views that I have seen here and I will try to offer our opinions.

First off, I must qualify this post by saying we sayed in the 2 bedroom bungalow at the end of the property. I am not qualified to write a review on the other rooms as I have not seen them. This bungalow has the finest view and semi -private beach you will find anywhere. The bungalow is located at the end of the you have a very private location. This bungalow is probably the finest location in all of Tobago!

Inside this bungalow is a great room (living room & dining room) with an entire wal of windows facing out to the ocean....only 15' away. Outside on the patio is a separate dining table where we enjoyed many meals.

The bedrooms in the bungalow are air conditioned...the living room is not, but it had ceiling fans to stir the air. One small inconvenience...there was no microwave in the otherwise well stocked kitchen. The housekeeping staff did an excellent job of making sure our bungalow was spotless...and providing anything we needed.

There is no television with the bungalow...and it is good to get away from CNN for a few days! If you need connection to the outside world, there is a "community room" next to the bar which offers internet connection, TV, a smal library and limited games.

I have read many reviews about the restaurant...and now I want to address a few of the issues. First off, the restaurant and bar have been remodeled (I forgot to take pictures of them) and are extremely attractive in appearance. It certainly does not have the "summer camp barracks" style that I saw in earlier photos. We found the restaurant food to be good...but not outstanding.

The only problem I have with the restaurant is that I feel it is a little overpriced. In saying that, I must admit its pricing is similar to upscale retaurants in our own town. The walk to town is a pretty healthy hike ....and so the hotel has a bit of a captive audience. The bungalow provided cooking facilities which we used.

At Blue Waters restaurant, a Shrimp cockail with 4 med sized shrimp was $18 US! We had similar dinners at Blue Waters Inn, Jemma's Treeehouse and Birdwatchers and compared the prices. Blue Waters was about $30 USD....Jemma's was close to $20 USD and Birdwatchers was $10 USD. Although Birdwatchers was the most reasonable...they have no view.

I disagree with negative comments I have read about staffing at Blue Waters. These are some of the friendliest, warmest people you will ever meet! I think the earlier posts I had read were very true, "if you talk to them...they will talk to you." I found the people of Tobago...and the staff at Blue Waters Inn to be genuine, caring and loving. All it took was a smile and eye contact.....and you suddenly erased the barriers

Would we go back to Blue Waters Inn? ABSOLUTELY !!!!! Blue Waters Inn is a wonderful retreat. If you are not a diver, birder or nature lover, you might get bored at Blue Waters Inn; but for those that love nature....Blue Waters Inn is the best location. I would strongly suggest saving a little extra and staying in a is worth it!
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