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3-bedroom villa in Bacolet (listing)
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Latonika McDougall

Guest Report

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The villa has a lot of potential if cared for properly. However, when we arrived the pool was extremely dirty the care taker came the following night to clean it. The villa has 2 toilet/bath at which we could have only used one because the other was leaking profusely. There is access to a beautiful gazebo but even that was not enjoyable as it was extremely dirty and unkept. One positive is that the linens and towels were clean! Upon leaving there was an "issue" with getting our security deposit back.. One week has turned into 3 weeks and as I write this review I am yet to get my cash back! Terribly unsatisfactory!!!

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Re: Guest Report

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Unfortunately several throw cushions disappeared from the Villa during the stay of these guest. They became very aggressive when informed about the missing items and threatened to give a bad review unless they received their full deposit.
The pool is acid washed every 3 years and along with the Gazebo and the Villa as a whole is extremely well maintained. These complaints are all fabricated.

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