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A one-bedroom cottage located between Plymouth and Arnos Vale
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Lynda Plaice

Guest Report

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We had a really enjoyable stay at Mildred's Cottage which was situated within an easy drive of Arnos Vale beach, where myself and family had many hours of fun snorkelling, fishing, and we even played some cricket.

The house itself was just enough off the beaten track to feel we were away from the rat race many families endure whilst undertaking their normal daily routines. The house is surrounded by the most beautiful flowers - don't ask me to name them as I am not too good at that! We were able to enjoy fresh fruits in the mornings from the many fruit trees in the grounds of the villa. My children could not believe that they had a fresh grapefruit that they didn't need to put sugar on - we don't get them from our local supermarket in the UK. We were baffled by the oranges - they were green!! They did taste lovely though, so don't let the colour put you off as I have been told all oranges in Tobago are green unless they are overripe, when they do become orange.

I wouldn't class myself as a bird watcher but I became fascinated by the humming birds that very freely took their daily nectar from the bird feeders hung on the side of the verandah, and the many very colourful birds in the garden.

The house itself was well equipped with all that was needed to cook and cater for a family of four, we even had friends over for a birthday party and easily catered for 12 people very comfortably.

The children really enjoyed the freedom that this location afforded them and could safely have "adventures" around the huge grounds of the villa.

I will certainly be looking to bring the family again next year and I want to thank the owners for a wonderful holiday.

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