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26 apartments located within the Crown Point Beach Hotel (listing)
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Nick Stöpler

Guest Report

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The location is right next to Store Bay beach and the airport. However, the service is terrible!
The people are rude, especially the manager.
We are easy going travellers so we didn't care to much about the problems the apartment had. (Several days no hot water, air conditioning didn't really work so our room was full of water, we hardly got any towels and our refrigerator didn't really work).
We told them about the problems but they didn't really care and did not help. Because we want to enjoy our stay we didn't let the malfunctions spoil our holiday.
But at our departure they tried to make us pay more for bullshit. They even said that we sexually harassed two cleaning ladies, which was absolutely not true!! It was our (quit enjoying) neighbor. We told them and apparently the cleaning ladies gave them the wrong room number (which is ok because that can happen, the apartments are also right next to each other). But even so we told them he kept by this point. Can you imagine!! As a customer!! After all the malfunctions, they tried to get money form us and treated us with this disrespect!
Next to these apartments is the Crowm point beach hotel, which is a little bit more expensive but SO MUCH better!! Please people go to the right apartment! We stayed here for the first couple of days. And will go next year.
I am very surprised the reviews for the Johnston Appartments are not worse.
This is my first negative review so they did a good job in pissing me off!

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