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26 apartments located within the Crown Point Beach Hotel (listing)
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Aurora Ali

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My family and I stayed at Johnston's Apartment at the end of Feb 06 and it was not a memorable experience.
The rooms that were booked and paid for 6 months in advance were not available, and we spent close to 1 hour trying to have this sorted out upon arrival.
My aunt and mother has medical conditions and cannot climb stairs, thus the request for apartment downstairs yet these requests were not met.
We were told if we paid for the apartments they would be available- clearly a sign of disorganisation because we had a receipt for payment in hand.
Secondly, some of us were leaving a day earlier than others and the office manager Ann Marie Yen Chung very angrily stomped across to my aunt's apartment and shouted at her to leave the apartment when her checkout was a day later.
She never apologised for her rude, unmannerly, discourteous, uncouth behaviour.
Clearly she has no idea what customer service means and I can safely say, none of my family members will ever stay at Johnston's again.
On another note: we all observed how nice Ann Marie was to foreigners, but to locals she was a total pig.

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