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No longer possible to change back money

Posted: Mon May 30, 2016 9:22 pm
by Ronald
This year I had some GBP left and I left. As there´s no exchange office at the airport, so I went ot Republic Bank in Crown Point to buy som GBP for the TTD´s I had. To my very big surprise, it´s No Longer possible to buy GBP at the bank, the answer was the same at Royal Bank.

They wanted me to open an account, deposit the $700 TTD I had there, and THAN by GBP! But everyone know that bank as charge you for everything, so I would loose money. It´s also so that a bank someties demands you make a minimum deposit and also th have a minimum left on the account, so I therefore did NOT open an account.

I had a Republic Bank account from 1992 until last year 2015, when I came down I found that they had closed my account, without information to me via e-mail. Didn´t had much money there but it was for sure nOT the banks money!

So, if you have cash left when it´s time to go home, take it with you and change it back at home instead, or sell it to somebody who stay longer in T&T. I had to change it to GBP at Gatwick North as I was staying all day long at Heathrow 5 before the flight to Sweden.

Re: No longer possible to change back money

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:42 pm
by Paul Tallet
Oh ... poor Ronald.

Why don't you keep your TT Dollars for next time or have you been listening to the rumours of a collapse in the US Dollar which, of course, would impact the TT Dollar ...

... or ... you never going back?

I do hope to say hello to you again if you are spending next Christmas in Tobago.


Re: No longer possible to change back money

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:39 pm
by Ronald
Hi Paul,

I needed some GBP because they changed my BA-ticket from Heathrow to Stockholm Arlanda. I had the stay at Heathrow for 6 hours! But 5 is very good, there´s a nice a quite section inside there, with chairs where one can take a small nap!

Well I´ll go back for sure, I really prefer the warm weather there instead the cold in the north.
I´m born and grow up in the SubArtic Area, made my military service there, but I for sure prefer the weather in the Caribbean! If I´m there by Christas I´ll call you, but I´ll not be the Santa.

But you are quite right when you talk about the election in US. Many believe that USD will face problems if Trump really will be elected, and as TTD is connected very strong to USD, than they will loose power too. They have already lost a little, even if it´s not seen into the exchange rate.

When talking about losses, I mean, in case UK really will move out from the EURO-zone, GBP will for sure loose power, or have you start bying EURO already? Eeehh? Just in case?

See yow later on..