Information about my mother Susanne Thomsen

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Susanne Thomsen
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Information about my mother Susanne Thomsen

Post by Susanne Thomsen »

Dear everybody!

The Username is Susanne Thomsen, but it is me Dennis Thomsen writing here.

I want to tell you all, that my mother Susanne Thomsen past away on the 23rd. of February.
I know that many people from Tobago - especially from Castara - know my mother from many many vacations in Tobago (Castara). My parents Ove & Susanne went to Castara almost 2 times every year and right now in March they planned to be in Castara again!

Unfortunately and very shocking my mom had a Clut in her heart on the 16th. of February. She was dead for 18 minutes before the Ambulance got her heart started beating again. In these 18 minutes my father bravely gave my mother CPR, but the heart did not start beating.
1 week my mother was in coma, but she never woke up again and on the 23rd. of February she past away while we were holding her hands and praying for her.

Mom loved Castara and the people from Tobago in general. She loved to organize and to show everyone her paradise.

Mom and I planned a ZUMBA WEEK in TOBAGO from the 12th. of October and 2 weeks. We wanted to realize a dream - Zumba in Paradise, and that dream is coming true. In February we had 45 people coming to CASTARA for our Zumba Week, and now one month later we have more than 85 people.

My Mom would be so proud to show that many people our Paradise and to see me doing Zumba on the beach in Castara. We decided to keep on planning our dream and we will be coming in October to dance for my Mom - we bring at least 85 people to Castara.

I really would ask you people from Castara to help me getting in contact with more apartments - we have booked so many apartments already (Sea Level, Castara Cottage, Blue Mango, Castara Bliss, Chenos house and apartment.....) But we need much more for all of those amazing and happy people who wants to dance the ZUMBA on the beach during the 2 weeks in Paradise.

If you can help me please email me or call me 0045 42755062

Thank you everybody.

Hugh S
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Re: Information about my mother Susanne Thomsen

Post by Hugh S »

Wonderful and touching tribute. I will join in the Zumba dancing if I can make it.

Hugh 8)

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Steve Wooler
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Re: Information about my mother Susanne Thomsen

Post by Steve Wooler »

Hello Dennis

My sincere condolences on the loss of your mother. May I wish you all the best with your Zuma Week. I will happily circulate a letter/email from you to all the apartments in Castara if you wish to contact me at
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