Fishing around the Castara area.

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Sean Hubbard

Fishing around the Castara area.

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does anyone know what the inshore fishing is like around the Castara area? I will be taking a spinning rod and reel. I know that some very big fish have been taken around the Sisters rocks and I intend to hire a boat for a couple of trips.

Thanks, R S Hubbard.

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Steve Pitts
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Re: Fishing around the Castara area.

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Hi Sean

The Sisters is your best bet for bigger fish for sure - especially yellowfin tuna in season - but it is fished a lot by the guys from Castara, Parlatuvier and C'ville, so don't expect o have the place to yourself.

I've fished with a few of the local fishermen and tour operators (Anaconda, Eldon (aka Rusty), King David and Alibaba) inshore from Castara down to Plymouth and the most likely catch are kingfish and barracuda trolling lures a few hundred metres out from shore.

Occasionaly you may encounter dolphin (mahi-mahi) and bonito a little further out and a number of Castara's fishermen set FADs a long way out, which attract larger numbers of pelagic species, especially dolphin.

I've seen some huge tarpon in the bay and occasionally jacks will blitz the baitfish if they are around.

Just ask around at the fishermans' co-op on the beach for a trip out in a pirogue or contact Alibaba or King David Tours who have more specialised boats.

If you take out a few packs of orange, white and yellow muppets I'm sure the guys will gratefully take these of your hands at the end of your trip. along with any spare lures, as these are hard to come by.

Take only photos - leave only footprints. I like that concept.

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