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62 room hotel in Crown Point (listing)
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Guest Report

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I stayed at Rovanel's just for one night in Feb 2007.

The property is elegant in appearance, with extensive, well tended gardens, a large swimming pool, large deck area (shaded and unshaded), a restaurant and bar.

The rooms with ensuite bathrooms are equally pleasing with large glass doors opening onto balconies. We were on the ground floor so could exit our balcony into the gardens.

Service was friendly and helpful.

There are two downsides to the property. The first is that it is not as conveniently located as some others, if you want to be walking distance to the restaurants and bars of crown point. You need to have a car.

The second is more of a personal preference in that the hotel boasts a zoo for the enjoyment of it's guests. Some of it is pleasant but in other cases it seemed to me that the cages were too small/ or too many animals inside. In one case there was a deer on it's own in quite a small space, and similarly a monkey on it's own. I feel it would be better if for example, those enclosures were larger and they had a companion.
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