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47 room apartment timeshare resort located at Sandy Point (listing)
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Guest Report

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We stayed December 15-19th, 2014 while waiting for Villa De Lena to become available.

A little bit too Nickle-and-Dime at times (They provide tennis rackets but make you buy your own balls for their tennis court, for instance. Also, a steep early check-in fee (to get room by 1pm instead of 4pm), we were also saddled with an additional service charge for using a credit card to pay for a meal on-site. Charges for making payment is NOT particularly flattering to someone already paying to stay for four nights. Furthermore, they charge --per person-- for an airport shuttle when the resort is only a 2 minute drive from the airport. Pigeon Point shuttle was free, however. As was Wi-Fi. But at this point, getting the usual things in most hotels seemed like a bonus after all the little fees and such.

The rooms were nice, clean, and easily accessible to beach and the rest of the facilities. The best feature of the Beach Club, is the long beach that isn't on the Sandy Point property, but a 3 minute walk down the road. It's gorgeous with few people on it, but not entirely obvious that it is there unless you walk down the road. May people go there for sunsets.

I am more of a free-range explorer in Tobago, but opted to stay here until the villa we rented for 3 weeks became available. Thus, my impression of being a little too self-contained on their property was palpable. If you wanted to just sit by the pool or the beach and drink TT$12 Carib's then this place would be fine. But for our purposes, it felt that it was unconsciously conspiring to not show the visitor the true wonders of the Island...that is to say, anything outside of the Crown-Point area.

Your mileage may vary.
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