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47 room apartment timeshare resort located at Sandy Point (listing)
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Mrs. Kalloo

Guest Report

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We went to the club for a weekend. There were four of us, 1 child, a teenager and 2 adults. The check in staff were not very friendly, but being at the resort was more important. The guy who took our suitcases up was very informative and also showed us around, we were very pleased with our choice of hotel. There was a pool, saunas and I think 3 hot water pools. I was also happy to see a pool table and a play park for the younger ones. The park was nicely kept.

We had a self-catering apt which could have accommodated 7 people so we had extra space. The 2 bedrooms were quite private and comfortable and the bunk bed downstairs slept 2. We had more than enough space for all and even if there were 7 people we would have been very happy and comfortable. The porch was very much to our liking as we had most of our meals there. The apt also had cable tv although this did not interest us very much.

There were communal washers/dryers for a small fee which came in handy, and also having a mini mart in the club was a big plus.

The sea front cafe/bar was impressive, but the cost of a beer did not tally with the price from the guest service booklet which was a bit disappointing.

The resort is located about 20 mins walk from the airport, but they also offer transportation to and from for a small fee. We found the service useful as on our way back it was raining.

Although I did not find the staff very friendly overall, on checking out I was pleased to see a smiling, friendly face. The young lady was professional, attentive and willing to assist with my queries and interests.

We will definitely be back.

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