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47 room apartment timeshare resort located at Sandy Point (listing)
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Guest Report

Post by Danielle »

My party of 10 had a late arrival and called ahead to inform front desk that we weren't going to make it before 9pm. The lady was very polite and accomodating and said she would leave it at the front desk with security.

When we got to the front desk the nice security gave us the keys and when i inquired about making the deposit for the 2 rooms we booked she asked a gentleman who was in the back office (whom she informed me was the owner)to address my inquiry. He came out, rummaged through some books at the counter and then snapped at me telling me that the office was closed and that i would have to check-in in the morning.

I politely said ok and we were ushered to our rooms by a friendly gentleman. However, when we got to the first room we were all very disappointedly surprised by its size as one would expect that a room that is advertised as being able to hold 4 people would be a tad bigger than a college student's dormroom outfitted with a queensized pull down bed and two day beds one of which had a pull out bed under it that shot across the room by any slight movement (all of them the size of a child's single bed). We also discovered afterwards that the toilet didnt flush properly.

Trying to stay optimistic about the second room that was supposed to be able to hold 6 we made our way upstairs. When we went in things looked more promising as this was an upstairs and downstairs unit. However, we soon realised that there was another pull down queensized bed in the middle of the tv/sitting room downstairs and upstairs was a single bedroom for 2 and just outside of it tucked away in a nook at the top of the stairway was another day bed with a pull out bed under like the ones downstairs. THis too was the size of a child's single bed.

Trying to make good of a bad situation and not let it ruin a family vacation we settled in only to discover there was no hot water upstairs; only 1 out of the 4 days hot water was available. Also, the a/c and tv controls didnt work properly and some of the channels were very fuzzy and the sound of planes taking off and landing weren't very much appreciated but tolerated.

It almost took us a tedious 45 mins to check-out as we had to wait for the maids to take an inventory of items in the room. We were then charged $250 to replace an entire lock on a room door as 1 of the 4 keys given to us for the rooms was misplaced and almost charged a further $70 for a cable remote control that was not even present when we checked-in.

The whole ordeal seemed as though they were accusing us of stealing a remote control as after we were told that the control was missing and we informed them that it wasnt there to begin with, they requested 1 of the room's occupants to go to the room to speak with the maid.

My cuz went up 1st and was met by an impolite/rude maid and when he told her that the control was never in the room she remarked that he should have reported it and told my cuz to wait there while she got the manager. After waiting a very long time my dad went up to see what was the keep back and after another long wait came back down frustrated as they were left waiting and noone ever came.

My stay at Sandy Point Beach Club was very disappointing to say the least and i will never, ever, ever, EVvvv-ERrrr... stay there or recommend it to anyone.

The only good thing about the hotel was the scenery and wildlife.

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John Martyr
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Re: Guest Report

Post by John Martyr »

Hi Danielle,
I have read your comments of your short recent stay with us and I wish to clarify some of the point.
At the time of your arrival on the night of May 28, I was the person the security called to assist you. Not being aware of your late arrival, I had to check the reservation to ensure that all was in order. I then informed you that since the office was already closed we would have the porter take you to your room and you would complete the check in procedure the next day. As far as I am aware, it was a short polite conversation, so I am surprised to hear the term "snapped" used to describe my comments to you. If indeed that is the way it seemed to you it certainly was not intentional and I do applogize to you.
One would expect that before confirming accommodation, one would research the facility, its sleeping arrangement and location, especially if one has the added responsibility of deciding for the varied likes of other family members. Our reservation staff would provide a verbal description of the layout and this is also available on our web site, brochures and even on this web site. Even if as you say you were disappointed with the sleeping arrangement, why was an approach not made to the management the next day? If it was clear to us that you were of the view that we misrepresented our accommodation set up to you, we would have offered you a full refund instantly with apologies. For clarity, all our beds are standard size. Our single beds are 36x75, double beds are 54x75 and queen 60x80, so your description would not be entirely correct
Before responding, I did check the maintenance log and could find only a complaint about lack of hot water in one of your units. This matter was addressed immediately. There was no report of malfunctioning tv and ac remotes at any time. Again, why were these matters not brought to our attention? Are you now also blaming us for being located next to the airport or the noise from the 'planes landing and taking off?
You and your family would have benefited from the extensive inventory in our rooms, from a swizzle stick to a blender. Well, we take great pride in our ability to provide and maintain this inventory and all occupants are expected to ensure no misuse and/or abuse occurs. We only ask that all items received at check in including room keys are returned upon check out and all items in your unit remain there upon your departure, failing which you will be charged for its replacement. We make no apologies for that.
The internet provides a remote forum for persons to vent their feelings be it good, bad or indifferent without the responsibility of ensuring honesty and truthfulness in their recollection of events. Many persons, however, fail to recognize that one's comments also reflects on their character
We are proud of who we are and we can only offer what we have to our guests. We have been in this business for 32 years and have provided memorable experiences to thousands of visitors and members. We are at this time hosting two family gatherings, one of 25 persons and one of 17. It would be interesting to hear their comments at the end of their stay.
We would suggest to any one to please do your research before committing yourself and others to situations that could be avoided.That would be a more appropriate us of the internet
John Martyr
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John Martyr
Sandy Point Beach Club
Sharon Keeler
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Re: Guest Report

Post by Sharon Keeler »

Just wanted to chime in with my two cents. I have vacationed at Sandy Point Beach Club 9 times and bought a timeshare there on my second visit. It is a wonderful place with amazingly friendly staff. The units are comfortable, clean and include everything one needs for a relaxing holiday. Yes, you do have to check your unit's inventory but this is standard in timeshares and, as an owner, I am thankful that those responsible for a missing item have to pay for its replacement. Mr. Martyr is right, if you have a problem with your unit report it to the management and they get in fixed. As for fuzzy TV, you're on holiday so why not watch nature for a change?
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