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47 room apartment timeshare resort located at Sandy Point (listing)
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JC Mountain

guest report

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I didn't realize replies were timed. i just spend time writting a good page report and once I hit submit it was all lost

so for now I will just say it was a great place to stay. I will try to re-write my report in word and cut and paste later to meet the time limit.
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Re: guest report

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I'm afraid that that is a common problem with many forms. Actually, that's not strictly accurate - it's not the forms that are the problem but a security issue related to 'sessions'. I won't bore you with the technicalities. Basically, you will find this same problem with almost all forums, chat rooms, shopping carts - in fact any type of form where you have to 'log in'. For various security reasons and for the management of resources, the system keeps track with how many users are logged in. The only way it knows that you are still using the site is because the user moves from page to page. If the page hasn't changed after a pre-determined time, then the system assumes the user has logged out and so closes the 'session' and logs them out. This is an over-simplification of the procedure, but one that will hopefully help you avoid problems in the future. This is not a problem specific to this board - the same thing will happen on any similar type system.

Yes, when composing long reports or posts, it is always advisable to write it 'off-line' using Word or a similar program. You can then use the grammar checker before copying and pasting the completed post in the forum here.

As a matter of interest, posts about accommodation should be posted in the Accommodation section (use the Add Report tab of the listing for the property concerned), where you will have the opportunity to cast your vote for the property in our Reader Satisfacton Rating. Funnily enough, you wouldn't have experienced a 'time-out' problem there because that system does not require you to be logged-in, so there is no time limit.
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