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47 room apartment timeshare resort located at Sandy Point (listing)
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Guest Report

Post by Nadineg »

Pleasant day!

I usually visit my sister isle of Tobago about every three to four months per year, excluding the busy months of July/August though. Usually my family and I try different places each time we visit; sometimes re-visiting previous places because we were satisfied and changing sometimes just to experience the "new."

My first stay at SPBC was during the period Oct/Nov 2008 and I was beyond pleased with the cleanliness of the rooms the hospitality of the staff and the general ambiance. I must give special thanks to Tessa at front desk whom apart from being professional, was absolutely a people person.

My only concern really and it's more of an opinion is, when I visit it's with a LARGE group of persons. So I have a fair idea of how the rooms that accommodate 6-8 persons look. Now that I'm married and my entourage has now reduced in number to a mere three I'm a bit hesitant as to what the smaller rooms have to offer.

I visited your site, but the picture of the B Type - Efficiency Studio - 4 Persons simply reflects a picture of a sitting area with a bunk bed and pull-out. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong place :(

I called your POS office for further info. Hoping at least they'd be able to walk me through the layout of the options. I spoke to a "Shenise" and she said that I would have the option of two choices that could hold 4 persons:

1) the Efficiency Studio, and
2) the Garden Studio.

She suggested I spoke to someone from Tobago who would give me a better idea as to the rooms etc. Laura from house keeping was excellent.

When I called back to confirm everything the dates etc... Reservations in Trinidad told me that the options they gave me before is no longer available... This was in a conversation less than 10 minutes ago.

They were polite, courteous and professional... so I'm not complaining about that :)

When I asked if the options, (as stated above), were not available because of the dates I chose, they said no... since I was willing to change my dates.

My concern really is - I have a two year old son who is quite active and I have certain preferences, room wise. I am aware it's a vacation and also that the SPBC has HIGH standards, but I'd really like to see some proper pictures of the rooms before committing. Like Mr. Martyr said in one of his replies..."know what you're committing too."

I asked if I could go ahead and make the booking etc and when I reach to your location if you can offer me the courtesy of viewing the two options (if available) before choosing, but you guys declined that request.

Like I said, maybe there are pictures available that I haven't seen, if that's the case, can you re-direct me.

In closing I must reiterate that the SPBC has thus far made my stay in Tobago an enjoyable one, and I look forward to continuing my stay with them.


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Re: Guest Report

Post by John Martyr »

Hi NadineG,
The review and pictures on this site does more justice to our facilities than our own web site. Have a look at the picture of the studio unit in the review and if you need more info you can call me at the resort anytime. The following link may be helpfull. ... G_6400.htm.

John Martyr
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