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24 apartments located inland at Crown Point (listing)
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Guest Report

Post by Tamara »

I selected James Resort and Car Rental out of the yellow pages.
What a MISTAKE. The booking was made over the phone with Carlton (I am assuming he is the owner). I was charged for two adults and a child since my daughter is over five years old.
Made my deposit for two nights out of a four night stay two months prior to my trip at the given bank and bank account no.
Mind you, Carlton will call every minute to be sure that the deposit is made.
The night before my trip I happened to view tripadvisor and i was really not thrilled with the reports of the hotel.That, off course had me a bit concerned.

Upon my arrival, the first thing on my mind was to enquire about cancellations for the unpaid nights. I was then advised that it would cost me a night's rate.I asked Carlton if he usually advises this at time of booking, his reply was, "only if asked".

We were handed our keys and took ourselves up to the second floor with all our luggage.

When we opened the door, to our disbelief the room was small, musky and there was only one queen size bed for the three of us.
Sure this was a mistake I quickly got to the reception desk to clarify with Carlton. He was sure to advise that if i wanted an extra bed i needed to pay 100TTD more. Needless to say I refused to. Without a budge I stood until he finally decided that he would simply refund me the full amount.

I moved over to Surf Side in the same area. They did not have a room available with two beds, however, they moved a single bed over to an available room so that we would be comfortable. They were cleaner and cheaper and more accomodating.

James sure has to change his approach and I promised him that I would tell everyone my story until he does.
Peter K

Guest Report

Post by Peter K »

Tamara, I totally agree with your review, we stayed at James over Carnival (Feb 06) and surprise surprise...the conditions were deplorable...bear in mind that we were aware of the general reputation of the place but it fell way below even these modest standards.

First on booking we were promised a pickup at the airport...a fact which changed as the arrival date got closer, and the deposit already paid.

We requested a late checkout, which we the cost of an extra night's cost...for four extra hours...and which Carlton failed to mention upfront...he just proceeded to bill us for it...mind you our departure date was Carnival Tuesday, at the end of the long weekend when it is improbable that the room was in high demand.

The room itself was very basic, just an uncomfortable queen size bed a tv and a refrigerator, which is not standard in all rooms...they dont even supply towels or cutlery...

In all I would only advise someone to stay here if all they expect is a roof over their head at night...and i would sum up the owner in the following words: SHADY, SOUR and for the most part WORTHLESS
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