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24 apartments located inland at Crown Point (listing)
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Post by Roseanne »

James was disappointing. The room were very small and bathrooms sort of run down. The owner chases you out of the pool at 8pm every night. What I found especially hilarious is that the picture you have posted in the Accommodations section is misleading. It appears that the pool is in front of the two wings when in fact it is at the side of one. In the picture, the where you see the pool, the carpark is actually situated there!! There is a gate that can be locked to restrict the pool access so it is not as you see it in front of the rooms. We had to ask for towels. A/C is very loud and works poorly...atleast my room. The only plus is that is is indeed walking distance to the Airport and Store Bay.

Eventually, I switched to Sunshine Holiday Apartments on Milford Road. Accommodation there was 100% better. They have different types of rooms: single, double, with lofts, rooms to accommodate 6 etc etc. Even more affordable than James and very clean and tastefully furnished. Maybe just 3 minutes drive from Store Bay.

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Steve Wooler
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Hi Roseanne

Thanks for that update. Hope you don't mind me moving your post, but we have individual forums for every establishment with 20 or more beds. The forum for James Holiday Resort was hidden, for tidiness, because there were no posts, but I've unhidden it and moved your post to the forum, so that it's of use to any reader looking for information on this hotel.

I thought there was something funny about the photograph. It's obviously very low quality, so too poor to see the detail, but it looked to me like a cut-and-paste job as the two wings of the building didn't match properly. I can't even find where I found the photo, to be honest, and the James Holiday Resort doesn't have a website. I've therefore removed the photo rather than giving the wrong impression to anyone. Thanks for pointing it out.

Once again, thanks for the update.
Steve Wooler
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Chris Morry

You get what you pay for

Post by Chris Morry »

I can agree to a degree with the criticisms of James Holiday Resort but I think that you have to place in context the criticisms with what one can expect to get in the way of accommodation in that price range in such a convenient location. My wife and I stayed at James Holiday Resort for the first time in February 2001 and went back again in 2002. This was despite the obvious deficiencies mentioned (small room, poor air conditioning) which are valid. However, for a few dollars more a larger suite is available. We just didn't choose to pay that much. And we found the proprieters very obliging (loaned us a kettle and some dishes even though our room was not intended for cooking). Other advantages included the relative privacy (we were one of only three or four couples in attendance both times), a decent pool (never closed when we were interested in using it), car rentals at reasonable price on site, a roof top area to exercise and enjoy the fabulous view, and a small shop in which to buy essentials and snacks. Also we found the proprieter amenable to negotiating the price so that we wound up paying less than the quoted rate. All in all I think we got what we paid for and a bit more.


Post by Qadeerah »


I am originally from Trinidad but I now live in the States. I wanted to do some sight seeing and visit some friends over in Tobago. I stayed at the Blue Haven and had a wonderful trip.

On the day I was to leave, there was a mix up with my flight and I got stuck in Tobago for an extra night.

I tried to go to the Tropikist, but they were full

The cab driver suggested James Holiday resort since it was right there around the corner from the Tropikist and it had vacancies.

NIGHTMARE! (Remind me if I see that cab driver again to let the air out of his tire!.....JUST KIDDING!)

The rooms were run down, the mattress was best friends with the sheets because both were so thin and threadbare they had no choice but to be compatible.

I saw a stain one sheet, so I asked could we get another set of sheets. The young lady(who was very nice and sweet) said they only changed the sheets every three days. I told her that was fine but you do not change them every three days when new people check in and they are stained. She said she would have to ask management. I said you should not have to ask management for that, so I followed her out into the car park. Well the owner/manager was out there. The poor girl looked scared and told him my request, and he ACTED LIKE HE WAS VEX!

I could not believe it!!!!! SO I got vexed. LOL.

Anyway, I got my clean(still threadbare) sheets.

The bathroom sink was kinda nasty with goo around the fixtures.

A/C was noisy and did not work. Once again that same manager got mad because he saw me leave the room and told me to go back in and turn off the A/C. I told him NOT, because that hot room needed all the help it could get or he could get me a new A/C!!!

The pool was always acessible, and since it was so hot in the room, even at night, I took a dip in the pool after midnight, and noone bothered me. That was good.

Last thing, which is the Absolute worst.

The next morning after I check out at the front desk, and the manager followed me back to the room and started going thru all the dishes, counting forks, cups, pots, etc.

So I asked him, "You think I stole something don't ya?" He just looked at me!

Then I gave him my card. I am a pharmacict here in America, and I told him...." Buster I make more in a month than anyone should pay you in this dump for a year"

All I could do was laugh at him. It was absolutely pitiful.

As we were pulling out of the car park, my friend ran into the little store(which was nice for snacks and things) to buy some snacks for our flight back to the States.

When she came out she was very upset. She said the store clerk asked haD hey checked our room, because they have had problems with locals renting the rooms for one night only to steel the dishes and and sheets.

So for all you Non-Trinbagonians, you may get treated better then us.

If you are a Trinis from American, England, or Canada don't go here because you will get accused of being a thief simply because you have the accent.



Post by Roseanne »

^^That's right..I believe foreigners will be treated better...such a shame :(

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Glyn Kirpalani
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Post by Glyn Kirpalani »

Hi Qadeera and Roseanne

As a Brit-Trini I too find it sad that Trinis have earned an unfortunate reputation on Tobago, for theft (also destruction) of hotel property.

Sadly, while many of the apocryophal stories are probably just myth, some are true - one of my B&B owning friends has "lost" kettles to departing Trini families and even the rubber door wedges on one occasion! I have also heard first hand tales from owners where one couple book an apartment but many come over and squeeze in for an all-weeked lime. Damage is inevitable in such circumstances.

This is why many owners will not accept Trini guests, but equally, why those that do impose such checks - albeit rudely in your case Qadeera. I suppose there should be some solace in the fact that most places offer Trinis very cheap local rates - something that would be unlawful in Europe due to race discriminations laws (as would banning/harassing Trini guests too).

I am unsure as to the solution but perhaps if everyone imposed the same Trini/local rates then those minority of Trinis of low earnings/morals who feel they have to steal might be priced out of coming to Tobago at all - pity for the honest but hard up Trinis though so what to do?

Glyn Kirpalani


Post by Roseanne »

In future I will most certainly go where there is better service despite the cost. I guess the saying "you pay for what you get" is true here. Unfortunately, the honest lower income people would suffer.

Lyndon Ramrattan

Options to James Holiday Resort

Post by Lyndon Ramrattan »

Once I was stranded in TObago a few years ago, with some friends since we were using the ferrry. Believe it or not, I had already known of James's HOliday Resort (and the reputation that is highlighted here). I promptly hinted to my friends that we were not staying there, we quickly headed to the nearest beach, and slept till the next day, until, our boat arrived.

Much more relaxing and stress free option, than to deal with the manager, who always seems to be vex!!


A complete disaster area

Post by Trea »

I wanted to give a more current review of this hotel. Guess what nothing's changed. The bathrooms are covered in mildew and grime and the bedding was disgraceful. The thread count of the sheet is so low it couldn't keep me warm throughout the night. Safety was also an issue since the door lock was giving a bit of trouble. It was hard to find other accomodation and I clearly see why this place remained virtually empty.

Pay less get nothing.

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