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24 apartments located inland at Crown Point (listing)
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Guest Report

Post by Lauren »

I had already made my downpayment before i read the reports of the stay of other guests...i really was concerned but what could i do as i had already paid my money. my bf and i went with an open mind.

first to begin when i got to the crown point airport, Mr. james was waiting to pick us up...ON TIME!!! when we got to the apartments we were nervous cause we didn't know what to expect given the negative ratings. our room was really cozy, clean and well kept.

we had a wonderful view of the pool from upstairs!! the staff were really friendly and courteous. mr. james was very accommodating. whatever we needed he assisted. the ppol was always clean

the view of the airport was nice. all u had 2 do was walk out the yard and 50metres was the airport!!! we loved watching the planes landing and taking off..

we have no problems recommending james for any couple!!!

i know that i will definitely be returning to stay at james

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