melt-away without air-condition?

22 room hotel located at Speyside
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Florian Baldauf

melt-away without air-condition?

Post by Florian Baldauf »

Hi everybody. I´m about to visit to Tobago for the first time in May this year. A travel agency offers a great deal, including flight and b/b at the Manta Lodge. Information about the Lodge via the Internet sounds really promising. Only trouble is: the offered rooms only got a ceiling fan, no air-condition :? .
Now: Can an average middle-European survive without air-condition? Or will he just melt away?
I´d be happy to get some advice.

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Paul Tallet
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It can be tough at first but you get used to it.

Also, normally the airconditioning is very noisey ... even fans can be noisey.

Personally I switch it all off so I can hear the sea ... that helps me sleep !

For people that really struggle with humidity ... here is one of my top tips ... take plenty of T-Shirts or pyjamas to wear and store them neatly folded in the fridge ... put them on when it gets too much ... very refreshing !!!

Aaaaaaah ! 8)

Same principle as warming your clothes by a fire in cold places.



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Steve Wooler
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Hello Florian

You will be surprised to hear that there are far more properties without air-conditioning that with, and those that install it do so becuase so many visitors think they will need it. Tobago benefits from the wonderful North East Trade Winds that blow in across the cool Atlantic Ocean. The Manta Lodge is at Speyside, on the Atlantic Coast. The Lodge is slightly elevated, so I'm sure it must benefit from these cooling breezes.

We seem to have had surprisingly little comment on the Manta Lodge in the forum. However, from the reports I've heard privately, I would suggest that you might want to consider the Blue Waters Inn or the Speyside Inn if you are considering a stay in Speyside.
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get the a/c

Post by Lyndon »

Just spent three days at the Manta. The A/C will keep your room cool during the day (quietly) worth having if you are doing anything more than sleeping in the room, you will melt. At night; turn off the A/C throw on the bug net, turn on the quiet fan and enjoy the ocean breeze. There is no fridge for t-shirts unless you work something out with the kitchen staff or you could put the shirts in front of the A/C in your room.
We found the Manta to be good basic clean, quiet accomodation geared for divers but quite Ok for non divers such as myself. What I really enjoyed at the Manta was being able to open the whole front wall of my room (shutters) to the sea and have the sea and wind put me to sleep. You'll start hearing cars about 0700 but there aren't many.
The suggestion to look to the Blue Waters would put you in a very traditional beachfront hotel. You would have nicer ammenities, a beach immediately ouside your room, a traditonal balcony or deck, no car noise and you would pay more.
Enjoy our trip, what ever you decide.

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