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Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:21 pm
by Claire P
Hi Everyone - I'm a newbie to the forum.
I was just about to book our holiday in Tobago staying at Castara when my hubbie found a webpage saying that Tobago can be dangerous and that you shouldnt venture off the beaden track and explore on your own - he's now freaking out!!

We love hiring a car and exploring small vilages and deserted beaches...that would be the pull of Tobago for us after doing this at other unspoilt islands such as Bequia and St. Vincent. Is this a no, no these days in Tobago?


Re: Safety

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:32 pm
by Steve Wooler
Hello Claire

Welcome aboard! :)

Anywhere and everywhere CAN be dangerous. Without knowing what web page your husband is referring to, I really can't comment. All I can tell you is that one of my greatest pleasures is just jumping in the car and driving around Tobago taking little roads I've never been down before just for the pleasure of seeing where they go. I've never yet had a problem and the day that I am no longer able to do that is the day that this website will either disappear, or be strongly urging visitors NOT to visit Tobago.

Please take the time to study the numerous posts on the Health & Security sub-forum. This is where you will read the real truth about Tobago because these are the comments and reports of real visitors to the island. I can't speak for Bequia as I've never been there, but I would say that Tobago is at least as safe as St Vincent in terms of crime against visitors. Do NOT confuse Trinidad with Tobago. Because it is one country, overall figures for crime tend to get reported. Trinidad has a major crime problem. Fortunately Tobago hasn't, although the rising trends and influence of Trinidad are worrying, I admit.

My comments above have been about Tobago generally. In terms of Castara, I have to say, with hand on heart, that I consider it one of the safest places on Tobago.

Re: Safety

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 3:00 pm
by Claire P
Thanks for your reply Steve - I think he is referring to the foreign office advice for Tobago and looked at the security page on this website.

Re: Safety

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 3:12 pm
by Steve Wooler
Hi Claire

Compare the Foreign Office advisory for Tobago, St Vincent and Bequia and you will see that they are almost identical. Yes, there is truth in what they say but remember that Foreign Office staff are more interested in covering their backsides and getting to the bar than any genuine concern for visitors. Having said that, the 'standard' second paragraph in the 'Crime' section of any of their advisories is obvious and should be observed. :wink: