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Sand flies

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 9:54 pm
by Inge
I have been reading through some strings on insects, and also read the article of Steve with the great instructions developed through painful experience of Jill.
I am of the same victim kind when it comes to insect attraction, I have faced rare but quite horrible allergic reaction in the mediterranean (though nothing in West-Africa; maybe that was a good season)
--> so, I am now concerned regarding a potentially terrible stay (I am also getting myself terrible when having tons of bites... so a desaster for humans around me, which is then also depressing, a downwards spiral ;-)
A bit kidding, - but I suppose I just best follow the advice of Steve/Jill, get the best repellent/cure etc. and be brave.

Now what I am really curious about:
- Is it true that sand flies do not occur in the same abundancy on all beaches?
If so: Why isn't there a kind of sand fly map of the island?
- I have read in some of these strings on insects in the forum that people are recommended not to sit ont he beach at all because of the sand flies!
I am not the biggest beach hangout but what do people do who love that?
- Are the sand flies the reason that the pictures of beaches are always free of people?? ;-)
- One often-traveller I asked about the sand flies said: "well, I do not know Castrara that much, but the sand flies should only occur on the sand" --> Great! Is it in the tropics so that people just do NOT go to the beach? Or only not for sunsets?

Would be really great to know,
best greets,

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 12:22 am
by L.A. Mcdonald
Hello Inge,

I have vacationed in Castara two times in the last three years and all but a few hours have been spent on the glorious beaches in the village. I did receive a few sand fly bites and didn't have any reaction besides a small red spot for a few days. The other women I traveled with didn't seem to be bothered by the flies. I typically am bothered by bugs,so wasn't suprised that I was targeted. It wouldn't keep me away from that gorgeous heavenly bay. Have the time of your life and pack some benedryl just in case.

Lori :D

P.S. I used childrens Skintastic spray and it worked well and didn't smell bad.