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Brian Cooper

Travellers cheques

Post by Brian Cooper »

A party of 4,of us is shortly going to Castara. Can anyone tell me is it possible to cash travellers cheques (USD) in Castara? If not where would
be the nearest place? Or is the best option USD in cash. We are taking a small amount of TTD in cash to cover us for the first 24/48 hours. Can anyone help, please. :) Brian

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Brian Taylor
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Tobago Business
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Post by Brian Taylor »

hello brian

check with your host if they take travellers cheques... otherwise you will have to change them in the bank in the lowlands. you might be able to pay with US cash in some places but the rate would usually not be great, since then these people have to go and change it... cascreole takes credit cards and everybody else seems to be most happy with TT$ (restaurant wise). tour guides might be taking the cheques or US but I would not count on it...
shops in the village take TT$, so you better change something on the way from the airport or get your cash from an ATM on the way, since we still don't have any here... yes, a pain for us, too... :wink:
hope that helps
enjoy the village life

steph & ali

David Watkins
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Bude Cool Boy
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Brian,why take$US t/c,take good old Stirling--better rate and no charge from your bank?
Take out TT$1000 with you,once again no charge from your bank and that should start you off.
Dont't pay for US$ cheques!!
ps read all the very admirable advise eslwhere ont his site

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