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GP vaccination lists

Post by Laura-May »

So I went to the GP today to find out if and what I might need. Hep A, Typhoid, Polio, Tetanus, Diptheria - I'm all covered. As well as my BCG.
She then suggested I have Yellow Fever and Hep B. Yet during my research I've been told several times that they aren't needed as it's rare and situational. She even said I should have a rabies injection too then retracted it by saying 'then again someone in Scotland died of rabies from a bat so you can get it anywhere'!!

She showed me the medical site she was getting her information from and it combines both Trinidad and Tobago together - could this be why these extra vaccinations are listed as 'required' on the medical notes?

I mentioned my concerns and she's making some phone calls tomorrow to determine the details.

Has anyone else been told the Hep A and Yellow Fever vaccination are required?

Judith Prater

Post by Judith Prater »

Hello Laura May

We have been told we don't need any injections by our GP, however I am a little confused as I have read some people do and some don't. We were told to buy mosquito spray with 50% deet and maybe a plug in. If I find out anything else I'll let you know


Jane H
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Great Britain

Post by Jane H »

Hi Laura May

You only need Yellow Fever if you've come from a country which has it. Last thing I knew, the UK was clear! As for Hep B - we've never been told to get it - just Hep A and the rest of your standard tropical selection.

We usually take a plug in mozzie machine with us - but haven't had to use it for several years. (Hmmm. I wonder if the tablets would still be effective anyway?) It doesn't take much space or weight - so it's up to you.

Local repellents are usually the most effective against the local beasties - but if ou're prone to bites, take someting from the UK to last you until you can get the local stuff.

Most of all - don't worry about it. Just look forward to a wonderful trip!


David Watkins
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Post by David Watkins »

Laura-May,I have been going to Tobago for years and never had any innoculations and have had no illnesses(NO comments please).Just chill and enjoy.
David(less than 12 weeks :D )

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Gisela Grell
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Post by Gisela Grell »

No comment to Davids posting :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Dr Stefan Rustscheff
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Vacillations and vaccinations

Post by Dr Stefan Rustscheff »

Hello,current recommendations from ME is to have Your hepatitis A shots covered (Havrix protects you for 10 years after two shots-and is manufactured by good old GlaxoSmithKline (including Wellcome, French & Beecham- merging is the in thing in this business). I also think it is a good idea to use a drinkable vaccine against enterotoxic E coli which, additionally, protects against the very rare possibility of cholera. Speaking of diphtheria, tetanus and such-most people have had 4 shots during their lifetime and if You get a nasty wound Your doctor will top it up with a new dose anyway. I wouldn´t bother unless having received 3 or less. Yellow fever is only required if You come from a yellowjack area and rabies shots on an almost rabies-free island is of course a waste of time and money unless You want to spend Your holiday helping out in an animal sanctuary. Best of luck!

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