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Dr Stefan Rustscheff
Oh, so Sad!
Oh, so Sad!
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Dear Terence and family. I also wish to extend my deepest condoleances, knowing very well from experience the bitter taste the stealing of one´s innocence leaves in Your soul. I have also stayed away from the Emerald Isle, mainly because my Princess does not dare to go back. Actually, after what happened to You I think I would need a Rhodesian Ridgeback on the premises to feel altogether safe. My way of recovering from the situation was to hunt the victims down. Perhaps a visit to Tobago in court, paid by either Your travel insurance or the Government would be a way of reconciliation? I know it might be medieval, but I did NOT weep when judgement was passed over my little robber and I would not hesitate to testify again.
If You need me from a medical professional standpoint Steve has my mail.
Kind rgds
Stefan Rustscheff

Terence H

Post by Terence H »

Hi Dr Stefan

Many thanks for your kind words.
We do have friends in Tobago making enquiries for us.
If ever the scum are caught we will certainly return and attend court.

It is difficult to have a dog on our premises in Tobago as we are not there permenently.(It would probably get stolen!)

If we need advice or your services we will certainly make contact.

many thanks.

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