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Dave Park

Security - Englishman's Bay Area

Post by Dave Park »

Debby and I are planning to stay at one of the villas at Englishman's Bay for a week or two, probably in March or April. We like the looks of Bamboo's Hall.
Have any of you stayed there recently and had any problems with security either at the villa, within Englishman's Bay Estate, or at any of the nearby beaches other than Englishman's Bay beach itself (the forum already has lots of good info on that situation)?
Can't wait to get back to Tobago. Never thought it would be 5 years since our last visit. Sad that I have to ask about security, but seems the prudent thing to do based on what I'm reading.
Thanks for your help.

Dave Park :?:

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Steve Wooler
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Re: Security - Englishman's Bay Area

Post by Steve Wooler »

Hi Dave

All I can tell you - hours before leaving for Tobago - is that we stayed on Englishman's Bay up at fascinating Lookout Villa and never had the slightest concern about security. There is a security desk at the entrance to the estate and although not permanently manned, I believe that there is a security camera and regular patrols. I can certainly confirm the latter.
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