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security in bon accord

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 8:57 pm
by Mike Northcott
We have just returned from 2 weeks in Tobago, first week in Castara second in Bon Accord.

Overall we had a very good holiday, Castara really chilled, rural - can a seaside resort be rural??- people friendly, we felt safe and everyone was friendly - Bruce Taylor, Pandy etc. Relaxing bar the up down the hill and back and forth to the beach, when you fish multiple visits are required.

We are used to store bay / crown point so it was like coming home, lots of old friendly faces, bars etc.

The only down point was on last Wed eve. when we were burgled. We were all out of our villa in Bon Accord, 9 of us, for the first time together at 8:00 at night and as the police aid we were being monitored . When my daughter returned to the villa at 10:30pm the place had been meticulously turned over. we only lost 2 purses with driving licences and credit cards, 3 mobiles, about £200 worth of cash and a watch. Loads of other stuff left, such as cameras , a laptop, fishing tackle, passports flight tickets etc.

So a pain in the a**e and not enough to spoil our holiday but be aware. Take valuables with you or hide very securely, they missed over £1500 in cash!! I wont say whcih villa sa this will be biased / unfair for the sake of a couple of youngsters looking for easy cash.